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Saturday, September 27, 2008

PWS RESULTS - BLITZKRIEG II Fri Night 9/26 @ The Yonkers PAL In Yonkers, NY

Courtesy of Nate Stein:

The opening contest saw a 4 Way Match for a PWS Contract between EJ Risk, "Juicy" Justin Corino, VSK, and Vicious Vin. About 10 minutes into this back and forth match up in which VSK was the obvious stand out, "The Cold Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto, sporting a snazzy Charles Oakley Knicks jersey, jumped the guardrail from the crowd and hit finishers on all four participants with the crowd of an estimated 200 behind him. Demanto cleaned house and with the crowd's approval proclaimed that he is back in PWS. With Commissioner Necro Butcher not in the building, there was really nobody to tell him otherwise. Necro is expected to issue a statement on this in the coming days.

Kevin Matthews escorted his Reality Check teammate Tommy Suede to the ring for his singles match with fellow The Wrestler film star Romeo Roselli. This match marked another first for PWS; not only as a battle of two film stars, but as the first time in perhaps the entire career of Romeo Roselli that he had the entire crowd cheering for him. Mid match, a melee broke out between Reality Check (Matthews/Devon Moore), B-Boy, and Grim Reefer. In the midst of the free for all, Suede took a beating from B-Boy which led to the local hero Romeo picking up the pinfall victory. As a hurt Suede was taken to the back by his Reality Check teammates, Reefer made the announcement that due to the bad weather Jerry Lynn was legit stuck at the Raleigh/Durham airport. Moore agreed to put his PWS Title on the line in a Three Way Dance Ambulance Match later in the night against B-Boy and Reefer.

Paul E Normus pinned the behemoth Fala

Azrieal pinned Mentallo in a 20 minute classic match

Black Machismo Jay Lethal entered the ring and announced that while he was supposed to wrestle Demolition with a mystery partner tonight, there was a guy in the locker room that he had always wanted a piece of. Out came One Warrior Nation! Machismo picked up the win after hitting three top rope elbow drops.

The match up between Demolition and The Latin American Dream/Danny Demanto was ruled a No Contest after Reality Check stormed the ring as Ax and Smash were hitting their finisher on Rob Vegas. Post match, Danny Demanto beat down Rob Vegas and joined Reality Check!

Universal Records hip hop star Poison Pen's intermission performance was interrupted by The Manitoba Maulers (Danny Duggan + Antonio Scorpio). New PWS tag team The Urban Legends (Wes Draven + Devious) came to Pen's aid and picked up the win. Poison Pen was announced as The Urban Legends' new manager.

The Dynamic Sensation pinned Javi-Air in a rematch from PWS Refuse To Lose

In the main event, PWS Champion Devon Moore defeated Grim Reefer and B-Boy by throwing Grim Reefer into the ambulance after a near half hour battle that spread throughout the entire building. The ambulance drove out of the building with Reefer in back to St John's Riverside Hospital following the conclusion of the match. Reality Check members Kevin Matthews and Danny Demanto were involved in the match and both received beatings. Matthews was tossed from the ring onto a full row of set up chairs while Reefer climbed a scaffold and dove onto Demanto whom was laid out across a set of guardrails. About 20 chairs, a stretcher, an oxygen tank, frozen water bottles, and even a football were used in this match up. Moore's PWS Title now has the Reality Check logo on the main plate. "The New Age Punisher" B-Boy is blaming Danny Demanto's involvement in this match as the reason why he did not walk out as PWS Champion.

Attendance was near 200 people which included WWE Legend "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart, TNA star Homicide, New England tag team champs The Hoodz, FTW superstar Jay Lover, rapper Knowledge, and more. Jerry Lynn wishes to apologize to his fans that he was unable to attend the event due to his flight cancellation. Lynn left his home in Nashville, TN at 8am Fri morning, however when he arrived in Raleigh/Durham NC for his connecting to flight to NY's JFK, he was informed that all departures to NY + NJ had been postponed until the following morning due to high winds and rain in the area.