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Saturday, September 27, 2008

2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Night One Results

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik:

In November, 2002 independent wrestling phenomenon Jeff Peterson lost his long battle with cancer. May 16-17, 2003 saw the beginning of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, a sixteen competitor tournament in honor of the fallen star. Each year the event has grown to international levels. Previous winners of this prestigious tournament are "Reckless Youth" Tom Carter, Justice, Chris Sabin, Milano Collection AT and Chris Hero.

This year the proceeds go to Devin Deschaine. Devin is a 2 yr old Port Richey boy with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. His form of cancer is one of the most rare & aggressive pediatric cancers. Only about 600 kids in the USA will be diagnosed with Neuroblastoma each year. About 70% of them will NOT survive. Devin is very close to our hearts & there is no other option for him but to SURVIVE. He's a born fighter. He was a little fighter long before he was diagnosed. Neuroblastoma shouldn't be any different. He just needs a little help with this fight.

On Friday September 26th The 2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup was held at The New Lakes in Regency Park Civic Center 8330 Civic Drive - Port Richey, FL 34668. The event was sponsored by Pro Wrestling Riot, the Tammi Hamaoui Foundation and floridawrestlingfans.com

Short Version of the results:

(1) Sweet N' Sour Inc.'s Larry Sweeney defeated Tommy Taylor of the British Lions.

(2) Jaison Moore of Pro Wrestling Riot defeated "Addicted to Love" Rhett Titus of Ring of Honor.

(3) In a triple threat showcase, the YRR’s Chasyn "Not Cocky" Rance defeated "Mr. 630" Jerrelle Clark and Chikara’s Icarus.

(4) Jon Davis of the Dark City Fight Club/911 Inc. defeated CJ O'Doyle of Pro Wrestling Riot.

(5) Chikara's Gran Akuma defeated Big Japan's Craig Classic.

(6) In a non-tournament match, Club Vitale's Heartbreak Express ("Superstar" Sean & "Fabulous" Phil Davis) & Scott Davis (w/ "the Princess of Wrestling" Amy Vitale & Raymond Snow) defeated The Lifeguards (Wade Koverly & Daron Smythe) & Austin Amadeus.

(7) "the Campus Legend" Brad Attitude defeated GEAR's Nooie Lee.

(8) The YRR's Sal Rinauro defeated Chris Gray of the British Lions.

(9) In a non-tournament match, 911 Inc.'s Francisco Ciatso, Kory Chavis & Shawn Osborne (w/"Hardcore Giant" Ron Niemi) defeated Sideshow & "The Marquee" Bruce Santee.

(10) Kenny King of the YRR defeated Ring Of Honor's Jigsaw.

(11) Erick Stevens of Full Impact Pro defeated Chris Jones of Pro Wrestling Fusion.

The long and I do mean long version:

As tradition with the tournament, Naphtali introduced the sixteen competitors to the fans and gave them medals for participating.

Before the tournament began, 911 Inc. members Francisco Ciatso, Shawn Osborne and Kory Chavis along with their leader the "Hardcore Giant" Ron Niemi made their way out to the ring. Niemi ran down how they have dominated Pro Wrestling Riot since day one and made everyone’s life a living hell. Niemi brought up the news Dany Only of Dogmatika was unable to be at the show. He demanded a referee come to the ring and declare the match theirs by default. But when they got a referee in the ring he was interrupted by Sideshow who said he was ready to fight no matter what. They were also joined by "the Marquee" Bruce Santee who said since Sideshow had been there for him, he was going to join forces tonight making Chavis join the match.

(1) Sweet N' Sour Inc.'s Larry Sweeney defeated Tommy Taylor of the British Lions.

Sweeney didn’t make friends with the fans at ringside and they let him know it as he stalled for several moments before ever locking up with Taylor. When they did Taylor was hit with a hiptoss and Sweeney celebrated like he won the Super Bowl. Sweeney followed with a questionable low blow and he talked to the fans. Taylor made him pay for turning his back with several moves that made Sweeney seek higher ground, milking the referee’s count. When he did come back Sweeney begged for forgiveness from Taylor but he got none as Taylor went to work on Sweeny’s left arm and wrist. Sweeney got free and set Taylor up in the corner for Shattered Dreams but referee Richie Rich got in the way and it allowed Taylor to free himself and get Sweeney on the mat. But Taylor took his eye off Sweeney for a moment and he got hit with an axe handle to the back. Taylor fought back with European style forearms but Sweeney avoided a cross bodyblock and Taylor got his neck wedged in between the ropes. Sweeney let Taylor get free and then pounced on the injury using all the dirty tricks he could to wear Taylor down. Sweeney went for a corner whip but Taylor avoided the contact and flipped over the charging Sweeney to land several shots before heading to the top rope. Taylor came off with a cross bodyblock but Sweeney was able to roll through and get the pin with the help of the ropes.

(2) Jaison Moore of Pro Wrestling Riot defeated "Addicted to Love" Rhett Titus of Ring of Honor.

Moore wanted a handshake but Titus decided to adjust his tights instead. Titus used some mat wrestling along with some sexy time action mixed in. Titus hit a slam but missed an elbow and was hit with a leg lariat and ended up on the mat in an armbar. Titus freed himself the old fashioned way, two hands full of hair. Titus hit a boot to the face and kept it there going to a chokeout. Titus hit a sexy suplex for two and locked Moore in a submission hold but Moore got to his feet, only to end back on the mat thanks to a cheap shot. Titus went for another sexy suplex but Moore countered into a small package for two. Moore fought to his feet with stiff kicks to the legs only to have Titus fire back with some of his own. Titus locked in an abdominal stretch with some leverage from the ropes as referee Pez Merriweather asked for the submission. Moore got free and hit a senton for two. Moore went for a corner move but ran into Titus’ crotch. He recovered and hit Rolling Thunder into the corner for two. Titus hit a kneelift and a dropkick but Moore countered the pin attempt into one of his own to advance to the second round.

(3) In a triple threat showcase, the YRR’s Chasyn "Not Cocky" Rance defeated "Mr. 630" Jerrelle Clark and Chikara’s Icarus.

In the opening moments the triple threat match seemed more like a handicap one with Clark fighting off both men. That alliance faded as Rance took Icarus to a corner for some bodyshots. Clark got back in the match taking Rance out with an armbreaker. Clark got locked in an abdominal stretch/octopus style hold only to see Rance break the hold up. Icarus went for a superplex but Clark blocked it and was ready to come off but the charging Rance was tripped by Icarus and it made Clark fall off. Rance hit Clark with a superkick and went for one to Icarus but got hit with a small package for two. Icarus went up top hitting a splash for two when Clark broke up the count. Clark hit Icarus with a springboard clothesline but Rance stopped that pin. Rance’s superkick was blocked and Clark hit a modified neckbreaker for two. Icarus got back in the match but Clark hit a brainbuster but his one and a half splash hit only canvas. Icarus went for a pedigree but Clark dumped him to the floor but Rance snuck up and dumped Clark to the floor. Rance grabbed Icarus and hit the Chasyn Driver to win.

(4) Jon Davis of the Dark City Fight Club/911 Inc. defeated CJ O'Doyle of Pro Wrestling Riot.

Davis and O’Doyle traded hard hitting shots until Davis hit a spinebuster which changed the momentum big time. Davis followed up with forearm shots and shot wearing down O’Doyle’s back. Davis got cocky and O’Doyle made him pay with several chest chops and a boot to the face. But his offense was stopped by a Davis powerslam for two. Davis took his focus off O’Doyle talking to the fans. When he turned around O’Doyle leveled him with a clothesline and was followed Davis to the floor with a tope’. Back in the ring O’Doyle countered a suplex into a inverted DDT for two. O’Doyle went to end the match but Davis fought back with a neckbreaker into a pin for two. Davis went for a running slam but O’Doyle slid off into a power bomb for two. O’Doyle went for a power move but Davis powered out and hit "3 Seconds Around the World" to advance.

(5) Chikara's Gran Akuma defeated Big Japan's Craig Classic.

Both men started with armbars and armdrags until Akuma hit several kicks only to be hit with chops and a dropkick from Classic. Akuma blocked a hiptoss but didn’t block a second rope sunset flip. Classic let the hold got and paid for it with a kick to his face. Akuma took Classic to the mat with a chinlock but let it go to inflict more pain. Akuma hit a takeover followed with a kick to the face of Classic. Akuma hit a gordbuster for two and thought he had the match won. Akuma kept on the offense with kicks to the upper body but Classic fought back. Akuma went back to the mat with a bodyscissor but Classic refused to submit, instead fighting to his feet. Akuma ended up on the ring apron and Classic hit a lariat followed by a top rope dive onto the prone Akuma. The fight went to the floor with Classic chopping Akuma around the ring before coming back to the ring with a running forearm and suplex for two. Classic kept on the attack with a DVD but only got two. Akuma countered a waistlock and hit a wheel barrel into a facebuster for two. The two men traded shots in the middle of the ring and it ended with Akuma hitting a kick to the face. Classic went for a full nelson but Akuma countered into a German suplex followed by Victory Roll that dropped into a piledriver like hold.

(6) In a non-tournament match, Club Vitale's Heartbreak Express ("Superstar" Sean & "Fabulous" Phil Davis) & Scott Davis (w/ "the Princess of Wrestling" Amy Vitale and Raymond Snow) defeated The Lifeguards (Wade Koverly & Daron Smythe) & Austin Amadeus.

This match has history dating back several months in Pro Wrestling Riot recently revolving around Vitale and Amadeus. Hopefully tonight it will end the conflict. However all six men jumped each other before the bell and took the fight all over ringside. The Express and Davis bailed to the floor only to be hit with triple body blocks. The fighting continued as referee Chuck Aurin tried to retain some order. Finally Koverly and Phil Davis made their way into the ring but Scott Davis got the referee’s attention long enough that his team dumped Koverly to the floor where Snow was waiting to inflict pain. The Davis trio took turns beating down Koverly for several minutes but none of them got the victory. Instead Koverly managed to avoid Scott Davis’ top rope elbow drop and tag in Amadeus who was ready to fight, taking on all three men. But Amadeus went after Vitale and ran into Snow. All six men got involved again with Amadeus taking Scott Davis back in the ring hitting a suplex but his top rope move was stopped by Vitale’s interference. With the referee tied up by Snow, the Davis’ hit Amadeus with a triple team spike piledriver to end the match.

(7) "The Campus Legend" Brad Attitude defeated GEAR's Nooie Lee.

Early on it was the speed of Lee against the power and cockiness of Attitude, which was briefly won by Lee with a counter of the wheel barrel into an armdrag. Attitude bailed to the floor but Lee followed out with a baseball slide and back in with a spingboard splash for two. Lee went for corner punches but Attitude pushed him off and then shoved him into the corner buckles out of control. Attitude went to work on Lee’s neck with a mare and a chinlock. Attitude followed with another neckbreaker but his power bomb was countered into head scissors by Lee. But Lee’s neck move was blocked and countered into a Samoan Drop for two. Attitude went back to the chinlock but Lee fought to his feet hitting a jawbreaker. Lee hit a series of kicks wearing out Attitude but not getting the pin. Lee went to end it with a top rope double knee to the neck but Attitude survived the pin attempt. Attitude fought back with a pin attempt of his own but nearly fell to a Code Red. Lee went for a cross bodyblock but was caught by Attitude who hit an Attitude Adjuster like move to advance.

(8) The YRR's Sal Rinauro defeated Chris Gray of the British Lions.

Rinauro spent the opening minutes running his mouth and doing Hindu Squats before locking up with Gray. Rinauro entered the ring hitting himself with a cross body block. When Gary went to lock up Rinauro hit the floor. Rinauro finally came into the ring where Gray went right on the attack working on Rinauro’s arm. But after a chicken wing hold and a chicken dance, Rinauro went to the floor. Rinauro grabbed the house mic and ridiculed the fans for mocking his ring attire. Rinauro got back in the ring but ended up in an overhand wrist lock which Gray switched to top hand before Rinauro got to the ropes and the floor once more. Gray grabbed Rinauro by the hair and dragged him into the ring where he hit a series of moves but Rinauro got out of a corner punch fest and dropped Gray on the turnbuckle. Gray fought back but the duo ended up wiping out the referee. Rinauro used this time to reach in his tights and use a foreign object and he used it on Gray’s lower region to advance via controversial pinfall.

(9) In a non-tournament match, 911 Inc.'s Francisco Ciatso, Kory Chavis, Shawn Osborne & Hardcore Giant" Ron Niemi defeated Sideshow & "The Marquee" Bruce Santee.

Santee and Sideshow ran right into the ring not allowing the ring intro to take place and surprisingly they took control of the bout, keeping Ciatso isolated in their half of the ring. Niemi took a place on the ring apron as Sideshow got a pin attempt after a leg lariat and Santee followed with an armlock but Ciatso raked the eyes and he tagged in Osborne who was hiptossed to the mat. Osborne escaped and tagged in Chavis who walked right into a hip toss followed by an elbow for two which only made the frustration on Niemi’s face grow stronger. But Santee took his focus off Chavis by going after the 911 corner and Chavis made him pay with a clothesline and several punches to the face. Niemi tagged in with Santee on his back laying in kicks but as Santee made his way up, Niemi ran to Osborne for a tag. Osborne’s backdrop was countered into a Santee backslide for two and Chavis tagged back in, choking out Santee. Sideshow didn’t help his partner out by trying to enter the ring, which only kept the referee’s back turned on 911 Inc’s triple teaming. Niemi tagged back in to choke out Santee but tagged in Chavis who was hit with a chokeslam which allowed the exhausted Santee to tag in Sideshow who was ready and raring to go. Sideshow was in control but the numbers were too many as Chavis pulled the referee to the floor stopping the count. 911 Inc. kept Santee busy on the floor as Ciatso and Osborne hit Sideshow with a double team backbreaker into a legdrop. To add insult they let Niemi get the pinfall. After the match Santee said his mouth may have cost him a victory but tomorrow night the odds would be even inside the WarGames match.

(10) Kenny King of the YRR defeated Ring Of Honor's Jigsaw.

King was a ’07 participant until a knee injury forced him to withdraw and he was ready to show the fans he deserved to be in this year’s tournament. Both men traded armdrag takeovers but it was King who bailed to the floor to regroup. King came back in only to be on the mat in an armbar. King fired back with forearms but Jigsaw hit some of his own. King got control after a head shot and some kicks to the chest. King grounded Jigsaw with a rear chinlock as the fans cheered for Jigsaw who fought back with kicks and chops. But King dropped Jigsaw on the top rope and hitting a spinning kick to the ribs which sent Jigsaw to the floor. King followed out and laid in the chops which echoed through the building. Finally the match came back to the ring taking Jigsaw to the mat with a body scissor. Somehow Jigsaw fought off defeat even as King used the ropes for leverage. Jigsaw got a quick two count but King got on the attack with a clothesline and a headbutt. King went for a move but Jigsaw slid off the shoulders and hit an enziguri. Both men fought to their feet and it was Jigsaw who controlled the pace hitting King with body shots and a tope’ to the floor which sent Jigsaw’s face into the ring barrier, opening up a cut. Jigsaw went up top hitting a cross bodyblock for two. Jigsaw went for another bodyblock but King countered into the Coronation for two. King was shocked Jigsaw kicked out and nearly fell to a double stomp to the head and a swinging DDT for two. King and Jigsaw fought over control and it ended with King hitting the Coronation a second time to advance.

(11) Erick Stevens of Full Impact Pro defeated Chris Jones of Pro Wrestling Fusion.

Stevens tried to intimidate the smaller Jones but it seemed to have little effect. Stevens asked for a test of strength which Jones responded with a dropkick but Stevens grabbed both hands and drove Jones to the mat. Jones countered out into a take down and eventually head scissors which led to an armbar. Stevens fought out of a hammerlock and back Jones to a corner but Stevens got caught in a huricurana and was sent to the floor where Jones hit him with a tope’. Stevens made his way into the ring where Jones hit a top rope bodyblock into an armlock. Stevens escaped and after running the ropes, he hit Jones with a Samoan Drop. Stevens went right into his power attack which grounded Jones for several minutes. Stevens delivered several knee shots to Jones’ ribs and then pulling Jones’ head back into a submission hold. But a corner whip briefly helped Jones who hit Stevens with an elbow to the jaw. Stevens recovered and hit several bodyslams in a row before locking in a stretch. Stevens let it go to inflict more pain but his choo choo missed the mark and Jones’ bodyshots knocked Stevens down to size. But Stevens went for the TKO only to be blocked by Jones who hit a kick to the chest and the hamstrings. Jones went up on Stevens shoulders and came down with a reverse huricurana for two. Stevens fired back with a lariat for two and Jones kicked out which stunned the fans. Stevens called for the Doctor Bomb but Jones countered into his own version of the Code Red for two. Stevens went to the ring apron and Jones followed where Stevens went for a suplex but Jones blocked it and hit a inverted DDT on the apron. Jones went up top to end it all but hit his splash hit both of Stevens’ knees and Stevens locked in a body vise which he refused to let go until Jones couldn’t stand the pain and tapped out. After the match Stevens addressed the fans saying Chris Jones earned his respect, which is hard to have in this business.

Saturday, September 27, 2008
Brooksville National Guard Armory
16386 Springhill Drive - Brooksville, FL 34604
Doors Open 7:00 PM - Bell Time 8:00 PM

Second Round matches:

"Sweet N Sour Inc’s." Larry Sweeney vs. The YRR’s Sal Rinauro

Jaison Moore vs. Brad Attitude

Chikara’s Gran Akuma vs. Jon Davis of the Dark City Fight Club/911 Inc.

The YRR’s Kenny King vs. FIP/ROH’s Erick Stevens

Plus the Semi-Finals and the Finals of the tournament plus matches featuring those who were eliminated Friday night.


Sideshow, "the Marquee" Bruce Santee, Sedrick Strong & The Black Market (Joey Machete & Shawn Murphy) vs. 911 Inc's Kory Chavis, Shawn Osborne, Francisco Ciasto, Mike Shane & "Hardcore Giant" Ron Niemi

In a TLC match, House of Vitale's Lou the Fixer & Dimballah (w/Amy Vitale) vs. Bums R' Us (Ray Beez & Milo Beasley)

Tag Team Gauntlet: the Loggers ("Lumberjack" Manley & the Mighty Dagon) vs. The Lifeguards (Wade Koverly & Daron Smythe) vs. the Heartbreak Express ("Superstar" Sean & "Fabulous" Phil Davis)

Both nights will feature several silent auction items where 100% of the proceeds will go this year's charity!

Two Night VIP Package (Limited Availability) - $50
Includes: Ringside Admission, Two Night VIP Meet & Greet & A Limited Addition 2008 JPC Poster

Two Night General Admission
Adults $25 and Kids 13 and under $15

Single Night Ringside $20

Single Night General Admission:
Adults $15 and Kids 13 and under $10

To purchase tickets or to make donations go to: http://www.jpc2008.com or http://hope4devin.org

Pro Wrestling Riot returns to action on October 18th with "Road to the Gold." Log onto www.prowrestlingriot.com for event information