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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DVD Review: Guest Booker With Jerry Jarrett: Rebooking WCW 2000

Courtesy of Main Event Radio's Steven Wilson:

If there is one question that seemingly never gets old and has a million different logical answers, it's what or who could of saved WCW in its dying days. In their latest DVD release, Kayfabe Commentaries once again looks at the end of WCW, this time with Jerry Jarrett at the helm of the Guest Booker series. Flashback to April 2000, WCW brings back Vince Russo, gives him the book, they clear the slate with a total reset and we all remember what enused, and although it's been documented in the past that WCW was dead in the water at that point due to the corporate changes going on within the parent company AOL-Time Warner, notably documented in KC's previous WCW themed DVD with Kevin Sullivan. However in the guest booker format, WCW gives Jerry Jarret the power instead of Russo and he attempts to revive the company in this DVD.

The opening third of the 90 minute feature focuses on establishing Jarrett's booking policies and philosophies, such as looking at the balance of in ring action against promo's or backstage skits. Jarrett also shares stories on how he was part of a group who attempted to purchase WCW at the time, and how WCW consistently used to contact him through the years to use him in various roles.

Moving into the actual booking part of the feature, Jarrett's first move is to fire the entire roster advising them to chase their dream at a job in the WWE. An Unorthadox move to say the least, but he would footnote it with giving the opportunity to those who want to work within a new structure and possibly help rebuild a company to the point where they would make more money in the future. Jarrett also throws out all but the big 3 titles (World, Tag, US) He also allows those who were champion at the time (Sid, Harris Twins, Jeff Jarrett) to retain their belts instead of vacating them citing viewer loyalty. Jarrett then puts in motion long term feuds between Hogan/Sid, Harris's/Harlem Heat, and Jeff Jarrett/Curt Hennig. Jarrett keeps it rather simple in terms of build and execution, which many may consider a thing of the past, while others have called for its return to return credibility to wrestling titles in this day and age.

The somewhat unique thing about this edition of the guest booker series is the guest doesn't spend the majority of the time with explaining every little week to week thing, which had at times been a complaint from some viewers who found the features slow paced. In between the main chapters the behind the scene inserts provide for some of the most interesting moments of the DVD, specifically when the topic of TNA and Jerry's relationship with his son Jeff and how it nearly brought him to his grave and why their relationship may never be the same.

You may have heard this topic addressed countless times in the past 7 years, but ultimately Jerry Jarrett is able to provide yet another intriguing answer to most debated upon question this decade. Even if you've found yourself somewhat burned out on the topic, this DVD is able to provide much more than just the hypothetical answer, thus a recommendation to just about every wrestling fan out there.

Guest Booker with Jerry Jarrett: Rebooking WCW 2000 is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information check out KayfabeCommentaries.com and to read my previous DVD reviews check out www.maineventradio.com/reviews.htm