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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Fight Zone, Inc. Announces New Report On The Mixed Martial Arts Industry

Courtesy of The Fight Zone, Inc.:

MMA Quickly Overtaking the NBA in Suburban Youth Mind Share - MMA Has Eclipsed Boxing and is Poised to Overtake Hockey in 2009 as America's Fourth Favorite Sport

LAS VEGAS, October 27, 2008 -- The Fight Zone, Inc. (Pink Sheets:TFZI), a well rounded Mixed Martial Arts (“MMA”) company, announced today the availability of a new research report on investment opportunities in the fast growing market for mixed martial arts. The report, issued by Emerging Growth Research, LLP provides an overview of the evolution of mixed martial arts and offers specific reasons why MMA is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. The report also covers The Fight Zone’s investment potential within this industry and outlines invest related activities of some of the leading organizations within the sport, including industry leader Ultimate Fighting Championship® and ProElite, Inc., which is widely rumored to be ceasing operations.

“MMA is grabbing the attention of young male teenagers before they are able to develop an interest in traditional 'stick and ball' sports. While the NBA dominates urban youth sports culture, MMA is beginning to dominate suburban youth sports culture. Purchasing power among American suburban youth outpaces that of their urban counterparts to a significant degree. This accelerating trend has advertisers and clothing companies especially excited,” commented the report's author Joseph Noel, principal analyst at Emerging Growth Research, LLP. “There is a compelling argument that MMA has already eclipsed boxing and will likely do the same to hockey by mid-2009. We strongly believe the mixed martial arts industry will continue to see strong growth over the coming years.”

“We are excited to have been included in the new research report and to have received such a strong stock rating,” commented Lloyd Vickers, President and CEO of The Fight Zone, Inc. “As the number of MMA fans continues to boom and as leading corporate sponsors move toward the sport, we believe our business will continue to grow. It's a very exciting time for all of us at The Fight Zone and for everyone involved in the business of mixed martial arts.”

A full copy of the report can be downloaded at www.thefightzone.tv/investor


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