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Friday, October 31, 2008

Jericho Interview On Fox News "Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld" Recap 10/29/08

Courtesy of Dave Wills (whom, if I don't soon call, is probably going to end up sending out a search party):


Chris Jericho was a guest on Fox's Red Eye show Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. When asked how he got involved in the host of the show "Redemption Song," He said he joked "Screech from Saved by the Bell and Bronson Pinchot weren't available" and he was next on the list and mentioned being in "Show business for 18 years, had credibility from performing in WWE, having a band and knowing what it is like to follow your dreams."

He talked about drug addicts, strippers drug addicts and escorts being on the show, but the secret to the show is it's not a train wreck as they can really sing. He also said that the secret to the show is it had an heart and while you laugh at first at girls making out, drinking and puking but they have chance to become something than what they are and stop screwing up.

Host Greg Gutfeld commented on how Jericho turned each insulting question into a positive. Jericho appeared to be very familiar with the show.

He commented the girls only saw him whenever he was giving challenges, eliminating them, or yelling at them and they were scared and referred to them seeing him as the "angel of death." When asked if any girls hit on him, he said no, but sarcastically mentioned an open opportunity as he "is always into drunken, drugged out strippers hitting on me." He said that his wife was cool with the show and she knew the girls weren't his type as they were crazy and he "went through that phase of his life already."

He mentioned he felt some of these girls were party girls, barflies, strippers, bartenders and had changes in the past and had talent, but no way to build upon it. The show was a chance to get them out of that environment and get them into an environment with 10 other girls who were exactly the same where they can claw at each other and pull out each others extensions. He said no one vomited on him, but they did on each other and he saw a few puddles.

When asked if there was more drug usage among this group than wrestling, he responded "I would think so at this point and time. At this point and time, We are so strictly tested now that if you have a cold, you can't take NyQuil or you will get busted. They are taking all the fun out of it."

Gutfeld commented on him being naturally funny and asked why isn't he a movie star? He commented on wrestling for 15 years, writing his book and doing some things with his band. He said the show was a chance "to show a little bit of a different personality than in the wrestling box." Gutfeld commented that if Ventura could do it, So could Jericho and he saw him starring in Predator 12. Jericho repsonded "Perfect."

Very good Interview. Jericho was really good and he seemed to be a fan of the show and was really humorous. I hope he does a guest spot for the hour sometime.

Lately, Red Eye has featured Jericho, Layla Milani, Jesse Ventura and John Layfield in the past. A few weeks ago, the panelists were asked if he did sent any emails while drunk, Layfield confessed to sending a drunken email quitting the WWE once, which he rescinded the next morning by talking with Vince who took it well.