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Friday, October 31, 2008

WWA4 Results - Atlanta, GA - 10/29/08

Courtesy of Dave Wills:

Attendance - 30. All Freebies. All Mr. Hughes Students.

Johnathan Davis d. Joshua Charles
WWA4 tag titles: Miguel Rivera & Jake Diamond d. Jae-Bo & Kaiden Knight - DQ
Michael Black d. Johnathan Davis
Triangle match WWA4 Title: Bill The Butcher d. Rick King & Reece Royale

Next show on Wednesday, Nov 5th.

Note: A BBC reporter was in attenance talking to a lot of wrestlers and folks about the McCain/Obama Election and wrestling. I think the person was a friend of one of the wrestlers and they were doing some "man on the street" interviews at the show. She said folks in the states could listen online as the show should air on BBC Radio One on Tuesday at 12:30 pm EST.