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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Recap: Last Night's Episode Of 'NWA On Fire TV' (Airs After SmackDown On Westbrook, Maine's MyNetworkTV Affiliate - WPME)

Courtesy of Mike Labbe:

Commentators are Ricky O & Flyin' Brian

Sid pinned "Ultra Sexy" Joe So Delicious with a powerbomb.

MC Hale interviews The Great Pharoh

Short Sleeve Sampson pinned The Brat in a midget match

Tommy's Corner with Guest "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble.
Rumble states he is the son of the late great Tony Rumble. That he came up in the school of hard knocks before going to Killer Kawolski's wrestling school. Former 3 time NWA World Lightweight Champion states that Tommy's Corner is a cheap rip off of his dad's show "The Rumble Seat". Tommy responds that he knew Tony Rumble for 30 years and if Jason is Tony's son, then it's the best kept secret in the world.

Match from the Farmington Fair this past summer:
Players Club: Juicy Justin battled Samoan Warrior: Falla to a no contest when their partners Davey Boy Bling and Makua ran in.

Back to Lincoln, Nebraska

Rob Conway battled Judas Young to a no contest when the ref bumped and the locker room emptied. Apparently Conway was hired by Danny Inferno to take out Young.

upcoming shows advertised.

Friday November 7th, Rockland, Maine at the Rec Center
Saturday November 8th, Mexico, Maine at the Rec Center
Advertised to appear:
LA Parka
Koko B Ware
Scufflin Hillbillies
The Players Club
TV Champion Danny Inferno
Baby Hewie
Tag Champs The Samoan Warriors
"Golden Boy" Robinson
"Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble
and others