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Saturday, October 18, 2008

RESULTS: PTW Wrestling - Friday 17th Oct 2008, Houghton Regis!

Courtesy of Power Trip Wrestling:

Power Trip Wrestling's event, The Boys Are Back in Town', saw an emotionally charged evening, with a hot crowd despite the cold weather! Here's the round up, and also you'll find out just how much we raised for Emily Gay, a 3 year old girl with cerebral palsy!

* Petey Staniforth came out, with his ever present cocky grin, and wearing the brand new Luton Town FC home shirt that was released a day earlier (with of course, his name on the back of the shirt!). Accompanying him was his bodyguard, Druss, who was looking scarier than normal. Petey called Scott Annette to the ring and they baited Kevin Carter out, to the wild cheers of the fans. Petey and Kevin argued on the mic back and forth, and Petey's infamous hotheaded temper snapped at a level not seen before when Carter made reference to Luton FC's 'minus 30' points situation. Kevin cited the fact that he had had a bad week himself, and decided that he was so fed up in general, he'd even take a shot at Druss and jumped at him to attack him; which lead to him being beaten down by Druss AND Scott Annette and left laying in the ring. Staniforth would then laugh on the microphone, and said "we'll see you in the main event...assuming you're conscious by then"; and the match was set for later on.

* Robbie Sincaide & James Dahmer defeated G 'The Ghetto Superstar' & Del Rico (w/Mr Portugal). After the match, G & Del Rico destroyed Mr Portugal with vicious double team moves, spoke of their disgust for the fans who they felt had let them down and never done much for them anyway; called Petey Staniforth out to the ring and asked him to be their manager. Petey thought about it, and accepted the offer; on the condition that they gave him a hug; which of course riled the fans in attendance as they boo'd and showed their disapproval. Suddenly, Dragonian appeared and tried to attack Staniforth, in this bizarre ongoing saga, and was attacked by Druss, who clotheslined him over the top rope, beat him up on the outside, and held him for probably the nastiest Clipboard shot to the head of all time from Petey Staniforth.

* Richard Parliment defeated Sean Midnight. After the match, Parliment and Midnight shook hands; but the monster Druss came down with Scott Annette, and attacked both men and left them laying; as Annette abused the crowd and said that this was what could happen to Kevin Carter in the main event.

* In six man tag team action, the popular trio of Geraden & Tucker Starr & Valek defeated Brad Flash & Mean N' Green w/Mr Tenacious.

* 'Marvellous' Marcus Brash defeated Diavolo. Despite Brash's arrogance and attitude, many fans were overheard begrudingly admitting how talented he is; and wishing his ethics and respect for the fans were at a higher level.

* During the intermission, it was announced that an amazing £355 was raised on the night for 3 year old Emily Gay, as her father Neil was brought up to the ring by Petey Staniforth, who said that "even bad guys have a heart somewhere", and that as a fellow father and Luton FC fan, he was incredibly happy to be able to give him the money on behalf of all concerned at Power Trip Wrestling.

* In World of Sport and Luton legend Johnny Kidd's last ever match in Bedfordshire, after a 31 year career that is coming to an end in Worthing on December 30th, for Premier Promotions; Johnny Kidd defeated Shabazz. Psychology? The 'old school'? An incredible amount of emotion? This had it all. They're calling it the best ever match in Power Trip Wrestling's history. And they're right. It all got emotional after the match, as Shabazz paid tribute to Johnny, as Petey Staniforth came out and spoke of his childhood, and how he grew up idolising Johnny Kidd, as the PTW wrestlers all came out on to the stage in a show of respect, and as the PTW fans chanted Johnny Kidd's name. Certainly the most moving moment in PTW's history so far.

* PTW Heavyweight Champion Mayhem (w/Dan Edge) defeated Donny Bull to retain the title.

* In the main event, PTW Cruiserweight Champion Kevin Carter defeated Scott Annette (w/ Petey Staniforth & Druss) to retain the belt. The match saw a clear gameplan from Annette and his crew, as Petey Staniforth clearly had the referee on the take. The crowd worked this out from the slow counts for any pinfall by Carter, and fast counts for any pinfall attempt by Annette. It became clear when Petey viciously hit Carter in the head with his steel Clipboard of Doom, and in full view of the referee, that this wasn't going to be easy for Carter to survive with his title intact. But when Druss's interference went wrong, and Annette was punched straight in the head, one....two....and as the referee refused to count three, Kevin Carter pushed his hand down for the count and won! After the match, in a crowd inciting fit of hypocrisy, Petey Staniforth accused Kevin of cheating, and demanded Scott Annette be granted a rematch. Carter upped the stakes by suggesting no disqualification rules, and Petey upped them once more by suggesting no rules at all, quite simply...anything goes!

So PTW will return to Houghton Regis for their last show of 2008, on Saturday 13th December; and the main event is set! More announcements will come as the days and weeks pass, and you can find it all out first at www.powertripwrestling.co.uk.