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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

VPW Tag Team Turbulence 10/18/08 - Official Notes & Results

Courtesy of Victory Pro Wrestling:

Everyone at Victory Pro Wrestling would like to thank all of the great fans that showed up at the Deer Park Community Center on Saturday night.

Ref: Pat Savino
Announcers: Joe, John and Dani
Commentators: LC Queenz, Earl McMuffin
Guest Commentators: Alicia & Joe So Delicious

1. Rhett Titus d. Ernie Osiris

This match featured the VPW debuts of both Titus and Osiris.

2. The Jerry Fitzwater Show

Jerry Fitzwater’s guest was Mack Daddy Flexx. Flexx came out to discuss how he was robbed of the VPW Championship back in September thanks to Joe So Delicious’ meddling and how he’s still coming for Static. Best Bodies, Inc. members Sabotage and Joe So Delicious came out and rudely interrupted Flexx. Sabotage was trying to sell the crowd his new “Best Bodies, Inc., Protein Powder.” They informed Flexx that Jason Static was to busy at the gym working out to be bothered dealing with Flexx and the Long Island fans and he would not be at the event. Joe So Delicious then brought up their tag team match scheduled for later in the night and how Flexx doesn’t seem to have any partners. Flexx made it known that where he comes from, he’s never alone. At this point, Delicious and Sabotage attacked Flexx and cracked him in the head with the protein container. Suddenly, Ricky Reyes hit the ring and helped out Mack Daddy Flexx. Flexx announced that Reyes would be his partner.

3. Minyon d. VSK

VSK looked like he was gaining ground on Minyon until his former partner, “The Sinner” James Sullivan came down to ringside and distracted him. As Dani, the ring announcer, was announcing Minyon as the winner, Reyna Fyre came down to the ring and verbally berated Dani. Fyre started to get physical, but Dani shocked everyone when she fought back. It looks like Richie Tyler’s training has paid off for her.

4. Richie Tyler d. “The Sinner” James Sullivan

What goes around comes around, as VSK all but cost his former partner the match. Sullivan was holding his own against Richie Tyler until VSK’s ringside distraction allowed Richie Tyler to superkick his opponent.

5. Nick Noshus d. Justin Corino

The undefeated streak of Nick Noshus still stands as he defeated the debuting Justin Corino.

6. Mack Daddy Flexx & Ricky Reyes d. “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious & “Masculine Marvel” Sabotage

This heated match went back and forth the entire time. Best Bodies, Inc. tried to swindle another victory, but the team of Flexx and Reyes was too much to handle. Mack Daddy Flexx pinned Sabotage while Joe and Reyes were fighting on the outside.

7. Tag Team Gauntlet: Winners- Funky Fresh Boyz

E.J. Risk & Justin Toxic vs. Suburban SWAT Team (“Prince of Suburbia” Johnny Suburban & “Suburban Bad Boy” Joey Everlast) w/ Mikey Old School vs. Funky Fresh Boyz (K-Funk & K-Fresh) vs. VTG Enterprises (Scotty Rio & Johnny “Muscles” Marinara) w/ Vinny the Guido vs. Team Zero (Damien Dragon & Ken Scampi) vs. The Voice & Nightmare

This was a tag team gauntlet match where prior to the match each team was assigned a random number that would determine their order of entrance. The surviving team would then go on to immediately face the VPW Tag Team Champions, Eclipse. Eclipse attacked the Suburban SWAT Team on their way to the ring and it could be said that attack was a contributing cause to the Suburban SWAT Team’s loss. Eclipse made it known that they did not want the SST to win the gauntlet, therefore preventing a match with their rivals later on.

Nightmare & The Voice d. VTG Enterprises

Team Zero d. Nightmare & The Voice

Team Zero d. Suburban SWAT Team

E.J. Risk & Justin Toxic d. Team Zero

Funky Fresh Boyz d. E.J. Risk & Justin Toxic

8. Eclipse (Xandar Page & Jay Delta) d. Funky Fresh Boyz (K-Funk & K-Fresh) for the VPW Tag Team Championship

Typical of Eclipse, the champions seized the opportunity and charged the ring seconds after the Funky Fresh Boyz won the gauntlet. The Boyz were rightfully tired having already competed. Eclipse was as fresh as you can get and showed their opponents no mercy.

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