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Monday, November 17, 2008

Dark Match & ECW Results - Atlanta, GA

Courtesy of David Wills:

Dark match: Charlie "Freebird" Michael "P.S." Haas pinned Mike Kruel after DDT after Kruel pulled off Haas's blonde wig.

ECW taping started:

The Miz & John Morrison interview talking about survivor series.

DJ Gabriel (no idea) (with Alicia Fox) d. ?

Statistic of the night was WWE.com gets more hits than NFL.com, Nascar.com, UFC.com (!) and 1 or 2 other sites combined. Guess Vince wants some of Dana. Maybe UFC is competition now for now.

Jack Swagger Amateur Challenge: jack swagger d. tommy dreamer - dq when dreamer got mad and kicked and attacked swagger when they were going to ref's position. (some boring chants) Dreamer got mic afterwards and said "my bad, you win"

Long announced Extreme Rules match with Swagger vs. Dreamer for next week. Someone said wrestling during the promo. Someone will be fired.

Mark Henry & William Regal & Cody Rhodes d. Matt Hardy & Kofi Kingston & Fit Finlay. Good little match. Finlay sold lots of the match. "lets go finlay" chants. Hot tag to kofi. Runs wild. Kofi tried to come off top rope. Henry caught him and pinned him.

No annonuncers: Henry came out and said he wasn't satisfied with the win cause he wanted to beat up matt hardy. He came out to challenge hardy says he didn't get his hands on him during the match. They had match.

Dark match: Matt hardy d. Mark henry - COR.
Henry took a walk after a few minutes.

Building started setting up for Raw then. Lillian came out.