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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DVD Review: Wrestling Underground

Courtesy of Main Event Radio's Steven Wilson:

In recent years, if one thing has made itself clear, its just how much Extreme Championship Wrestling and its style can be worth. The WWE has held the reunion ppvs, put out numerous DVD’s as have other orginizations and now Infinity Entertainment laces up their wrestling boots with the release of “Wrestling Undergroud”. A two disc, nearly 4 hour set, featuring all the big names stars of ECW enganging in violent battles.

Seperated into 4 episodes, hosted by Former WCW and TNA announcer Scott Hudson, Wrestling Underground features action from “The Wrestling Zone”, which is really just a compliation of footage taken from various indy feds during the early 2000 years, most notably 3PW. The production value is surprisingly good for an independent release, The action is shot with 2 cameras, edited together rather flawlessly, and features new play by play with Scott Hudson.

Looking at the match lineup you will notice that it has just about every big name ECW star as well as a couple of WCW’s stars thrown in for good measure. Episode 1 entitled Origin of Mayhem features Mikey Whipwreck vs CW Anderson, Rodney Bagnaud (Mack) with Jazz vs Pitbull Gary Wolfe, Justin Credible w/ Francine vs Diamond Dallas Page, and Balls Mahoney teaming with Axl Rotten against New Jack and Murder One. Episode 2 entitled Violent Behavoir features Gary Wolfe vs Kevin Sullivan, Jasmin St Claire/Blue Meanie vs Missy Hyatt/Rockin Rebel, The ageless Terry Funk takes on Justin Credible, Sandman and Fonzie take on Sabu and Tod Gordon, and Blue Meanie Takes on Raven. Episode 3 entitled Hardcore Hatred features CW Anderson vs Steve Corino, Kid Kash vs Sabu, Balls Mahoney vs The Sandman and Nova vs Rob Van Dam. Finally, Episode 4 entitled Back Alley Destruction features Public Enemy vs Chris Chetti/Danny Doring, Little Guido vs Kid Kash, Simon Diamond with Dawn Marie vs The Sandman with Missy Hyatt, Balls Mahoney vs Rob Van Dam, and Dusty Rhodes vs CW Anderson. Unfortunately some matches are clipped during a slow period of a match but doesn’t necessarily take much away from the overall product. Also worth noting is that there is some interview promo's hyping certain matches as well.

Ive been a big fan of ECW and its stars for years, and in this day and age of wrestling where it seems that we’re all clamoring for that nostalgia factor (see DX’s constant reunion, Austin’s yearly appearances, and WWE’s documentary DVD sales figures) Wrestling Undergound is able to fill your need for the hardcore stars of the 90’s, and with a 12.99 price tag on Amazon, it would be hard to say that this is anything but a recommended buy.

Wrestling Undergound is available now on DVD, For more information you can check out the dvd profile at Infinity Entertainment Group website, via http://www.hepcatdistribution.com/prodDetail.cfm?item=IEG002048, and you can pick it up on amazon via http://www.amazon.com/Wrestling-Underground-Not-Applicable/dp/B001DZOCLY, and to read my previous DVD reviews check out www.maineventradio.com/reviews.htm