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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Review Of Last Call With Raven & Sandman

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik:

Raven & Sandman walk into a bar...no that's not the beginning of a joke. Big Vision Entertainment brought these two extreme wrestling stars together in a bar setting for the next chapter in the Ultimate Insiders series. Like previous editions it is hosted by Dr. Keith Lipinski and the shoot is long and interesting. Actually interesting doesn't cover it. This DVD was filmed the night before the XPW Cold Day In Hell reunion show so the alcohol flowed as Lipinski tries (operative word being tries) to conduct a shoot with these two men who have worked for WWE, WCW, ECW and TNA. That was until the event is crashed ten minutes in by fellow hardcore stars Terry Funk, New Jack & Mustafa. What ensues next is not to be missed if you're fans of these five men. I really tried to be impartial watching this DVD but....

Let me say I am not a fan of New Jack, Sandman or Mustafa and this DVD didn't make me feel any different about them. I have always found Raven to be a smart man trapped around dumb people. This DVD is a perfect example, he has great stories to tell mixed in with some comedy. But the DVD gets bogged down by New Jack who cannot stop apologizing to Terry Funk for hijacking a retirement speech from years gone by. The worst part is Funk doesn't stick around long enough to contribute anything of substance. Anytime it seems Lipinski is going to get control or ask a question, New Jack or Sandman go on a rant about their drug and alcohol days in ECW. To be honest this interview plays like an episode of Seinfeld, the show about nothing as the DVD board game advertizes. The disc is saved by some XPW matches with Funk vs. Shane Douglas, Supreme vs. Sandman, Supreme vs. Raven, Kaos vs. New Jack plus the entire retirement speech New Jack won't stop apologizing for.

Ultimate Insiders presents Last Call with Raven & Sandman is on sale at retailers nationwide or through www.bvdvd.com for $14.95