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Monday, November 3, 2008

Funk's Corner - "Do Your Best" - "Ganbate Kudasai"

Courtesy of Dory Funk Jr. - Coach of the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School:

Funking Conservatory's Elvis Sharp and Shane Chung will participate in the most important wrestling match in their career this Monday, November 3rd, at Sumo Hall in Tokyo Japan.

Top Ringside tickets ($150 each) are sold out. Sumo Hall holds about 17,000 people.

Osamu Nishimura was originally a student of Hiro Matsuda. After the passing of Matsuda, Nishimura san came to me and asked that I become his teacher, this Monday, November 3rd, Osamu Nishimura will team with Shane Chung and Elvis Sharp to take on Taiyo Kea (Manau Kea Mossman) NOSAWA and MAZADA. On the other team, Taiyo Kea is also a student of mine.

Elvis Sharp's experience comes from amateur wrestling in high school and a year and a half training in the Funking Conservatory. Elvis will be the biggest man in the match standing 6' 4" tall and weighing 230 pounds.

Shane Chung has faced many challenges including his service in the United States Navy with two tours of active duty in Iraq. Shane also is an excellent amateur wrestler having won his way to the state tournament in Florida during High School.

All Japan Pro Wrestling will be celebrating it's 36th anniversary of professional wrestling. The first tour was in 1972 and was booked by Dory Funk Sr., American Booker for All Japan Pro Wrestling.

From all of us here at the Funking Conservatory -
Do your best - Ganbate Kudasai

The complete wrestling card for Sumo Hall is as follows:
Credit Irving Brown of Shinning Road Website

Siena Canada vs. Manabu Soya
Outtake Araya vs. Masanobu Fuci vs. Likuta
Osamu Nishimura, Elvis Sharpe & Shane Chung vs. Taiyo Kea, NOSAWA Rona & MAZADA
Rota Ham (debut) vs. Akebono
Swami, Katz Hayashi & Ryuji Hijikata vs. TARO, Nebulas Hirai & “brother” ASHY
Satoshi Kojima, KAI & Hiroshi Yamato vs. Hiroyoshi Tenant, Tetsuya Naito & Yujiro
JAW World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Naomi Mar (co) vs. Shoji Kondo
Triple Crown: Great Mute (co) vs. Minoru Suzuki

Now on !BANG! TV at http://www.dory-funk.com - Awesome Kong goes on a rampage.

Osamu Nishimura is coming to the Funking Conservatory in January for tryouts for All Japan Pro Wrestling

The next !BANG! TV Taping is Sunday November 23rd. For tryout information for All Japan Pro Wrestling, training schedules at the Funking Conservatory and Tickets to !BANG! TV Call 352-895-4658


The Funking Conservatory is the Official American Training Center for All Japan Pro Wrestling