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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Marvin Ward And David Hebner Team Up With Bill Behrens To Provide The Largest Pro Wrestling Booking Service Available

Courtesy of Marvin Ward:

Marvin Ward & David Hebner are working exclusively with Bill Behrens of Showbis, Inc out of Atlanta GA to provide promoters the largest 'One Stop For All' pro wrestling booking service. From talent to travel, advertising and promotions, to ring rentals and staging. All your needs can be met!

Talent: Are you constantly being overwhelmed by emails and phone calls from promoters wanting to book you for events. Are you tired of having to deal with whether or not the emails or calls are legitimate, or overwhelmed with trying to juggle your daily life while keeping up with negotiations, dates, times, travel plans, deposits, interviews or appearances?

Promoters: Are you constantly overwhelmed trying to figure out the best way to promote your show. Are you limited on advertising budgets but still need the most effective ways to promote your show to help assure success? With over 50 years combined experience, Marvin Ward, David Hebner, and Bill Behrens know what it's like worrying if you have done everything possible to inform the fans about your event. We understand and care about you and your commitment to providing fans a top quality show and drawing big houses.

'These are tough times in America right now and promoters and talent need to make a living to support their family, so we are rallying behind both sides. Its time someone reached out and gave these guys and gals a hand instead of everyone trying to cut each others throats. We are going to provide both the talent and promoters the tools to be successful together.' stated Hebner.

Between Bill, Marvin & David, we will handle all aspects of the bookings from pay negotiations, deposits sent directly to talent, travel plans, hotel accommodations, and media interviews as well as coordination between the promoters and talent. 'We are going to take the headaches away from both sides and give this business and a little shake up to bring this industry alive once more. The one stop, get it all, pro wrestling booking service' Ward stated. For all your industry needs, contact Bill, Marvin, or David with the emails provided below! Current list of available talent will be provided at your request!

SHOWBIS@aol.com – Talent Bookings and Availablity

marvin@ward-hebner.com – Promotions/Advertising - Sponsorships/Fundraising Assistance

dave@ward-hebner.com – Ring Rentals