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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Results - 11-8-08: Mexico, Maine's Recreation Center For NWA ON FIRE TV

Courtesy of NWA Liberty States:

KOKO B WARE defeated Baby "hoss" Huey
After the match was over Danny "funk" Inferno hit the ring along with Kactus and put the boots to KOKO ntil both locker rooms emptied and tried to pull them apart. They two men tore into each other until KOKO chased off the Funks with a chair. Great brawl

The Samoan warriors defeated The Playas club team of The Enforcer Danny Demanto and Davey Boy Bling.

Juicey Justin defeated Jason Rumble

The giant Pharaoh distroyed JT Hoodlum

NWA TV Title match
Danny Inferno submitted Big John to retain the Title.

Mr X vs Hillbilly Sonny ended in a no contest when Mr X was unmasked and revealed Cousin Larry Sonny's part and the 2 brawled to the locker room.

Judas Young defeated Too Tasty

Robbie Ellis barely got by the Blue Knight.

NWA on Fire returns to Mexico Maine 12/27/08