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Monday, December 15, 2008

Alan Wojcik Reviews OMEGA: Uncommon Passion DVD

Are you a fan of WWE superstars Matt & Jeff Hardy? That means you know they have been friends with Gregory "Hurricane" Helms, Mike Howe, Shannon Moore, Joey Matthews (formerly Mercury), Christian York, Cham Pain (Marty Gardner) & Jason Ahrndt for years. What’s that, did you ask who the heck are Mike Howe, Christian York, Cham Pain and Jason Ahrndt? That means you probably didn’t know Matt Hardy created and booked a Carolina’s based promotion called OMEGA. Surprised to read that fact? Then you need to get a copy of the very entertaining OMEGA: Uncommon Passion released by Highspots.com and Big Vision Home Entertainment hosted by OMEGA ring announcer Ted Hobgood.

Matt and Jeff Hardy have been wrestling since their teens like the other men listed above. In 1997 Matt & Jeff got tired of running their own trampoline based wrestling shows and the East Coast Wrestling Federation was born followed by the New Frontier Wrestling Alliance. Matt hooked up with promoter Thomas Simpson eventually creating OMEGA or Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts which was a mix of American, Mexican and Japan. The Hardy’s wrestled as themselves but also characters like High Voltage & Will O’ the Wisp. They grabbed up the best workers along with their friends and began running shows at fairs and local venues. If you attended an event you saw a very young "King of Old School" Steve Corino and the men listed above who would go onto work for WWE, WCW and ECW. Each wrestler listed has a chance to tell their story of OMEGA and where it ended up taking them. The story goes from the birth to the death and the reunion show the fans of OMEGA asked for.

If you have seen the WWE’s Twist of Fate DVD on the Hardy’s career or the BVDVD Ultimate Insiders on the Hardy’s some of this is repeat stuff. But this DVD goes in depth on certain stories you only have read about online. Like the issues between Matt & Ahrndt who became Joey Abs of the Mean Street Posse, how Jeff and Shannon were wrestling before they were old enough to drive themselves to events, how the Hardy’s began working for the WWE plus the successes and failures met on the way to the top. Along with some bonus stories you get a second disc filled with the following matches: Otto Schwanz & Cham Pain vs. Venom & Surge (Ahrndt & Matt Hardy), two matches of the Hardy Boys vs. Serial Thrillaz (Helms & Howe), Surge vs. Will O’ the Wisp and Shane Helms/Shannon Moore (WCW’s Three Count) vs. Christian York/Joey Matthews. Also on the second disc are promos from Cham Pain, the Serial Thrillaz and Will O’ the Wisp.

You can buy this disc in stores or online through www.bvdvd.com or www.highspots.com