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Saturday, December 13, 2008

RESULTS: Power Trip Wrestling - "Jingle Brawl," Sat 13th Dec 2008, Houghton Regis

Courtesy of Power Trip Wrestling:

Oh my...WHAT a loud night. Two title changes, a shock heel turn, and an invasion from another company. . . Only at Power Trip Wrestling will you find this kind of wild action and excitement...and this kind of insanity! Stay with us and read on, as we take you on the rollercoaster ride that was PTW's last show of 2008. . .


* PTW promoter Petey Staniforth came out to the ring, and pointed out that the show clashed with ITV television show 'The X Factor', and it's final. Calling out Scott Annette to the ring, and then PTW's Head of Media 'Camera Dude' David Toms; Petey decided that Simon Cowell was 'a cheap wannabe imitation' of himself, and that his group were going to sing the classic Bon Jovi song 'You Give Love A Bad Name.' To say it was out of tune is, to say the very least, probably a compliment. Petey dedicated the attempt at singing to his fiancee' Christina, pointing out it was her birthday very soon. Druss was sent to the back by Staniforth, for refusing to join in the sing-along, and walked away disgusted by the vocal antics of those concerned. In the eyes of many, the interruption after the first chorus, by 'Cowboy' Adam Hayes was a good thing, as he justifiably insulted the trio's singing. Petey of course, took offence to this, and set Annette on Hayes; who was saved by Kevin Carter, who proceed to recite his own version of the Christmas classic 'Jingle Bells', including lines of how 'Petey smells', and 'Scott Annette is gay.' Threats were exchanged, and an already heated main event now had the fire turned up even higher.

* (Winner received a PTW World Title shot later that night): Marcus Brash defeated Shabazz to receive the PTW World Title shot later on in the evening. A back and forth match up, saw Marcus Brash beat Shabazz, and go on to a PTW World Title shot against Mayhem later on in the evening. A frustrated Shabazz would then hit the referee after the match, but seemingly realised he shouldn't have reacted in this way; and it was clear the emotion of losing out on a rematch with PTW World Champion Mayhem.

* (Handicap Match): Druss w/Petey Staniforth defeated Jack Russell & 'Cowboy' Adam Hayes Druss was dominant during the match, and despite Russell and Hayes being adored by the crowd; this wasn't enough for the two men to defeat the monstrous Druss. The moment people were left talking about, was when Jack Russell chased Petey Staniforth around the ring, and Staniforth tripped over...and it was just like October 11th all over again. Russell stomped Staniforth's knee a couple of times, and his shoulder; and then did what dogs tend to do publically; and 'relieved' himself all over one of the things that mean the world to Petey...his Luton Town FC football shirt. Druss made Russell submit, and literally knocked Hayes out cold; taking some measure of revenge for a furious, limping, and bitterly angry Petey. This set the tone for what was clearly becoming not one of Petey's best nights at this point.

* ("When Monsters Collide"): Donny Bull defeated Ronin Ronin was accompanied to the ring by LPW talent, and they became a factor in the match with their interference. In the end, it wasn't enough to stop the largest man in UK wrestling right now, Donny Bull, from claiming a victory on the night.

* Robbie Sincaide & James Dahmer defeated Diavolo & Chris Midas Many had predicted this as a contender for match of the evening, and it lived up to its expectations as four of the hottest young wrestlers in the country showed just what they're about, and why all of their reputations are on the rise. With talent like this on board, Power Trip Wrestling's future in 2009 is clearly going to be very bright.

* (Intergender Match): Aphrodite defeated Mad Mike Aphrodite defied the odds in this match to defeat her opponent, Mad Mike, but this isn't really the full story here. After the match, Mike placed Aphrodite's neck in a steel chair, and went to the top rope....and shockingly, out came Petey Staniforth to scream for Mike to stop. Mike made it clear there was one thing he wanted, and that was a PTW contract, which he produced from his pocket for Staniforth to sign. Petey did on the condition that he left the ring, but Mike laughed and said that he would like to say he was a man of his word...but he wasn't, and carried on and stomped on the chair from the top rope. Petey shouted for PTW talent from the back to come out and help, and Mike was ran off from the ring. But Aphrodite was seriously hurt, and was not seen for the rest of the evening, and the news coming from the PTW Office right now is not too positive for her health and her future in the wrestling business.

* (3 Team Elimination Match): Sean Midnight & Paul McSherry defeated G & Del Rico, and Carnage & Reno A spirited match up with three teams who wanted to prove a point, saw LPW's Carnage & Reno eliminated first, and then G & Del Rico, as Sean Midnight & Paul McSherry took the win and were the prevailing tag team on the night.

* (PTW World Title) : TITLE CHANGE!! : Marcus Brash defeated Mayhem w/Dan Edge to become the NEW PTW WORLD CHAMPION! The new PTW World Champion is no less than 'Marvellous' Marcus Brash. In a match that saw Dan Edge do everything possible within and outside of the rulebook to attempt to keep the title on Mayhem, Marcus Brash went on to win his second match in the night and become PTW World Champion. Mayhem was furious, and was literally taking his anger out physically on Dan Edge on the way backstage; as the fans showed their respect to Brash for his achievement on the night, and surprisingly, Marcus Brash accepted this graciously. It appears that 2008 has seen a major shift in the balance in PTW, and that in 2009, Brash will be looking to prove that he is a worthy and a credible champion and playing by the rules.

* MAIN EVENT (PTW Cruiserweight Title) - Anything Goes (No Disqualification, No Countout): TITLE CHANGE!!: Scott Annette w/Petey Staniforth defeated Kevin Carter (c) w/Shabazz, to become the NEW PTW CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION! And in the main event, another title change, as in perhaps the biggest shock of the entire year; Shabazz turned on his friend Kevin Carter, attacked him, and cost him the PTW Cruiserweight Title. The odds were just too stacked against the courageous Carter, and in the end, not even the underdog hero could survive against a wrestler (Scott Annette), a manager (Petey Staniforth), a monster (Druss), and even a clearly biased and paid off referee. A laughing Petey Staniforth took the microphone, and gloated how he, Scott Annette, Shabazz, Druss; were pretty much in charge of PTW now, and no-one could do anything about it. At which point, the LPW element in the crowd took offence, and stormed the ring. Pointing out that this was payback, in their eyes, for the havoc that Staniforth and PTW talent had caused on two occasions on their shows in Birmingham in recent months; they then fought arena wide with PTW wrestlers who had come out to defend their home promotion. Petey then challenged LPW to a match at the next PTW show in Houghton Regis in 2009, Team PTW vs Team LPW; and the challenge was accepted as both sides exchanged threats.

In other PTW news:

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