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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

DVD REVIEW: What Do You Mean There’s More? The Lost Allison Danger Clips

Courtesy of Main Event Radio's Steven Wilson:

Coming off the heels of Fight Hard: The Allison Danger Story and Quick Shooting With Danger, Strong Style Productions completes their Allison Danger trilogy with the release of “What do you mean there’s more? – The Lost Allison Danger Clips. The prior releases contained extensive interviews and deleted scenes, however there was still plenty of clips yet to be released and thus we have this supplemental release.

The first section of “lost” scenes is from the Quick Shooting with Allison Danger release. Danger offers her thoughts on the likes of Lufisto, Kelly Kelly, Michelle Mc Cool, Madusa, Katie Lea, Trinity, Maryse and Layla. The most intriguing lost scenes come in the form of Danger speaking on Nancy Sullivan, and the Chris Benoit Tragedy. Danger offers candid thoughts on how the tragedy was handled by the media, and by the WWE, Also touching on how it affected those close to the family. The segments then move onto her thoughts on some of the famous males in the business including Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, John Cena, Kurt Angle, and Ken Kennedy. This segment lasts 25 minutes in length.

The second segment features over 35 minutes of lost clips from the Fight Hard documentary. During this part of the feature Danger’s experiences in the business are covered, including her dark match with Sarah Stock at ROH, working with Mick Foley at ROH, working with Larry Zybyzko in World 1, and working the La Reunion 12 Day African Tour. More opinion scenes are also included, touching on her thoughts on Mickie James’ ROH farewell shortly before her WWE debut, Why TNA’s Knockouts are better than the WWE Divas with the answer being quite obvious, And why not top it all off with a funny story of a Traci Brook’s wardrobe malfunction.

I was somewhat surprised to hear that this DVD was coming out, it seemed like a somewhat unorthodox release considering that nowadays companies pack in all the extra deleted scenes into the original releases as a selling point. Nonetheless it does offer some interesting moments, especially the comments on the Benoit tragedy, But much like any trilogy, to best enjoy the third you need to see the first two, so this release serves as a supplement to those two and a worthy supplement at that.

“What Do you mean there’s more? – The Lost Allison Danger Clips” is now available on DVD from Strong Style Productions, For more information or to get your own copy of this and the other 2 Danger DVD’s check out their website at www.strongstyleproductions.com and to read my previous DVD reviews including the 2 previous Danger releases, check out www.wrestlingdvdreviews.vze.com