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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Results: War In The Woods 5 - United States Fight League

Courtesy of Joe Burns:

This past Saturday the United States Fight League threw there fifth installment of their War In The Woods series at Fox Woods Casino in Ledyard Connecticut. War In The Woods 5 featured the Finally of Oleg Toktarov reality televisions show “Back On Track.” The main featured a war between Marc Stevens of team Tai Kia versus Louis Palomino from Team Noguiera.

Elite XC vet Fred Bellton took on Fernando Rivera of team Hoodlum in the second bout of the evening. Bellton came out firing hard leg kicks on Rivera during the beginning of the fight. Rivera land a solid leg kick with Bellton returning with a hard body shot that drops Rivera. As soon as Rivera hits the canvas he trying to apply a leg lock but Bellton stacks him to nullify the lock. With Rivera stacked now Bellton Rains down unanswered shot until the official stops the bout at 2:09 of the first round due to excessive strikes.

With some of the biggest slams I have seen in a long time Kym Sturdivant from Team Evil took on Jason O’Neil from B.T.T. Boston. The beginning of the first round saw both men feeling each other out until Sturdivant slips a couple of O’Neil’s punches and is able to secure a high crotch that he able to turn into a huge slam that echoes though out the Fox Theater. O’Neil is then able to reverse Sturdivant and procure side control. After being in side control of a brief second Sturdivant then sweeps O’Neil ending up in his half guard. O’Neil then secures a tight a guillotine choke from half guard but Sturdivant is able to control O’Neil’s hand and pops his head out. Sturdivant then pounds while in O’Neil’s guard. Both men scrabble back to their feet and clinch up. A left hook thrown by Sturdivant clips O’Neil and Sturdivant is able to set up another huge slam. O’Neil is then able to pull half guard witch is pasted by Sturdivant. The round ends with some ground and pound from Sturdivant. O’Neil returns to his corner where the doctor inspects a cut on his face. After looking at the cut the doctor waves off the fight with Kym Sturdivant winning by doctor’s stoppage after rounded one.

T.U.F. veteran Karen Grigoryan took on Daniel Rial of Connecticut M.M.A. in the sixth bout of the evening. Rial comes out looking for a quick take down but is unsuccessful. Both men go into to a feeling out process until Rail gets a takedown. Grigoryan is able to use the cage to get up where both men clinch. Grigoryan is landing nice upper cuts in the clinch. Rial breaks the clinch and steps back where he is met with a right hand from Grigoryan that drops Rial to the canvas. Rial turtles up where Grigoryan is able to finish him with strikes from his back giving the Team Link Fighter the win at 2:05 into the first round.

In one of the best fight of the night Marc Stevens took on Louis Palomino for the U.S.F.L. light weight championship. We saw everything in this fight including great striking and submission attempts on the part of Palomino and Stevens with relentless take downs. At the end of this five round affair all three judges see the winner as Louis Palomino scoring it 48-47 and crowning him the U.S.F.L. light weight champion. This fight was an absolute war between to up and coming fighters you should keep an eye out for in the future.

Oleg Toktarov Russian team went 1-2 in their fights seeing Shamkhal Kerimov arm baring Ryan Griffen 3:26 into the first round for their only win. Some other results from the night include Chis Manly getting the T.K.O. victory in the first round over Jose Valentin, Josh LaBerge taking a split dession over Barrington Douse, Reggie Higgins getting a T.K.O. over Jesus Ortiz in the first, Alex Davis submitting Margarita Kolmykova in the first by rear naked choke and Charlie Brenneman getting the win over Yanish Dimitry by way of tap do to strike. For any more information about the United States Fight League check out their site at www.usfightleague.com and feel free to contact me at 3rdropemma@gmail.com