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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Gist Of It - Tonight's Edition Of 'ECW On Sci-Fi'

From: Louisiana's New Orleans Arena

- Jack Swagger defeated Finlay. Gutwrench powerbomb (isn't someone ever going to name this move?) and a pin. Finlay bled from the mouth, courtesy of an elbow to the face. Sorry, but I'm missing whatever others are seeing in Swagger (although, I must admit, it was fun to watch him rough up Hornswoggle).

- Swagger went into Theodore Long's office to brag. Next week, Swagger gets his shot at Matt Hardy's ECW title. Oh, goodie.

- Katie Lea Burchill defeated Alicia Fox. Burchill used what amounted to half of a 'Backstabber' (one knee and from the side), then scored the pin. DJ Gabriel and Paul Burchill were at ringside, although neither got directly involved. I can't quite explain it, but Fox was much hotter as a wedding planner.

- The Boogeyman defeated Brett Barnes. Pumphandle powerslam and a pin. Good squash, in that Barnes sold and bumped his ass off. Barnes, if you were wondering, would probably be best known for his indy appearances in and around Texas.

- Non-title: Hardy defeated Mark Henry (with Tony Atlas). 'Twist Of Fate' and a pin.

Wow, not one ECW wrestler entered into the 'Royal Rumble'?! Sad.