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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UFC / MMA Fighters Taking Cardio & Endurance To A Higher Level

Courtesy of VersaClimber:

The Versaclimber, total body, vertical climber exercise machine, has become a popular choice of cardio training equipment for the stars of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and MMA (mixed martial arts). Such UFC fighters as Dan Henderson, Chuck Liddell, Kenny Florian, Stephan Bonnar and more, are using the cardio king (VersaClimber) for increased levels of cardio, endurance and stamina.

Costa Mesa, CA, January 14, 2009 -- The Versaclimber stepper and climbing exercise machine has become a popular choice of training equipment for the stars of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Used by UFC fighters such as Kenny Florian, Stephan Bonnar, Jens Pulver, Rich Franklin, Nate Quarry, Matt Sera, Spencer Fisher, Chris Leben and former UFC champion Chuck Liddell. The VersaClimber is now regarded as "the go to cardio piece" for developing high intensity cardio endurance for success in explosively demanding sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) competition.

"Many of today's top MMA fighters count on me to take their cardio and endurance to the highest levels possible and I always put them on the Versaclimber - this is one serious total body cardio machine that delivers results!"
Joel Jamieson / End Zone Athletics, WA
Strength & Conditioning Coach / CSCS, NSCA-CPT

VersaClimber, made in USA for 27 years, is the only total-body, vertical, non-impact, cardiovascular exercise machine on the market. Unlike all other cardio trainers, the VersaClimber engages all major muscle groups at once, in an upward climb; A climb that can be achieved in an all out, lung burning sprint. Making it perfectly suited to the rigours and demands on combat MMA training.

The challenges of a sport like MMA present unique tests for fighters hoping to achieve their goals in the cage. Training is brutal, focusing on equipping fighters with the necessary power and endurance to defeat their opponent over five punishing rounds of full body combat.

"My cardio was so poor after my knee surgery, I was determined to get it back via the VersaClimber. It's non impact motion was gentle on my knee, while at the same time elevated cardio levels I've never felt before. back to competition level--the more I train allowed me to develop couldn't believe how improved my cardio training has gone."
Stephan Bonnar / UFC Fighter

UFC fighter and title contender, Kenny Florian explains: "To be successful in UFC you have to tremendous cardio/stamina, the Versaclimber is the machine I use and that more and more UFC fighters are turning to in order to achieve these targets. Things like jogging/treadmills might work for other sports, but generally speaking, those types of exercises simply will not provide the power for sudden, intermittent, explosive bursts of force that you need to compete in MMA fighting. That's why I use the Versaclimber."

The unique, non-impact, vertical design of the Versaclimber eliminates joint injuries to knees and hips which can otherwise cause major problems (i.e. running/jogging) when enhancing their cardio, especially in heavier athletes with greater muscle mass and size.

For additional information on VersaClimber, contact Brett Collins (1-800-237-2271), or visit http://www.versaclimber.com/combat_training.htm

Note from Ric: As far as I'm concerned, the misspelling of Matt Serra's last name couldn't have happened to a more-fitting guy.