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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Episode Of 'MMA Sunday' Is In The Books

Co-host Elaina Maxwell always has a lot of interesting things to say, and she was able to carry my ass to a better-than-decent program, if I do say so myself (even though no one called and we only had one person in the chatroom, because of the Super Bowl, you jerks).

Anyway, Paul Buentello phoned in, and talked about the potential of young Kirill Sidelnikov and what his next move should be. Paul, in typical fashion, is already again spoiling for a fight, and mused about when that might happen. Paul also wants you to know why he's in the best shape he's been in, for as long as any of us could remember (in my case, that's right after Paul first called).

Anthony Johnson was next to join us, as he prepares to face Luigi Fioravanti, February 7, at UFC's Fight Night 17. Anthony discussed his unique entry into the UFC, and his diet, it seems, is a lot like mine (for his sake, he'd better hope that's the only thing we have in common).

Somewhere around the time I cursed all of the non-callers, I suckered Elaina into joining me and Casey on next week's show, so our five-week anniversary will include an on-air three-way (she's going to be helping us host, you sickos). We'll be joined by someone, possibly of the Rich Clementi and/or Pat Barry persuasion.

As Casey would say, be there ... or be somewhere else.