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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Police Blotter: Kimo Leopoldo

Kimo Leopoldo, best known for his early UFC appearances (including a grueling bout against Royce Gracie, which was responsible for Gracie later having to bow out of the third tournament), was arrested near his home in Tustin, California, on Monday.

Leopoldo, fresh off of chastising Armando Garcia (former head of the California State Athletic Commission), is facing a possession-of-a-controlled-substance charge, because officers found what is believed to be methamphetamine in his vehicle.

Leopoldo, may also face additional charges, because he was originally questioned after being spotted wearing official Long Beach Police Department gear, which there was no reason for him to have.

As of this morning, Leopoldo was, I believe, still in custody, but if he hasn't already been released, probably will be later today.