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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alan Wojcik Reviews WSU January 10, 2009 Event DVD’s

-- Alan Wojcik

The northeast based promotion Women Superstars Uncensored took their shows to new heights on January 20, 2009 when they locked their champion Angel Orsini and challenger Mercedes Martinez inside a steel cage. That match highlights the Poetic Injustice Caged DVD. Also filmed that day was an event called the White Album. Both were filmed in Boonton, New Jersey and had some interesting matches.

Let’s talk White Album first with commentary by the 1st Lady of Wrestling Missy Hyatt & Alicia:
WSU Tag Team championship match
The Beatdown Betties vs. Amy Lee & Taylor Wilde

The Soul Sisters vs. Brooke Carter & Reyna Fire

Rain vs. Rachel Summerlyn

Kylie Pierce & Lea Morrison vs. Team Wigwam

Melissa Coates vs. Miss April

Plus Cindy Rogers who talks about her current health status, Sean Hanson, Missy’s Manor w/ Mercedes Martinez as well as the Soul Sisters who seem to be dealing with personal issues. Also we witness the presentation of the new WSU championship belt by Alicia to champion Angel Orsini.

The White Album DVD is good thanks to the commentary by Hyatt and Alicia who are funny and entertaining. They may not be Gordon Solie or Jim Ross but they are better than Michael Cole or Mike Adamle. There is also an improvement since the last WSU DVD’s I reviewed with new graphics and better camera work. During their commentary Hyatt and Alicia point out some of the ladies on this card were making their WSU DVD’s and they hold their own with the main roster.

On the Poetic Injustice Caged DVD you will see:

WSU Champion Angel Orsini vs. Mercedes Martinez inside a steel cage

WSU Tag Team championship match
Beatdown Betties vs. Amy Lee & Taylor Wilde vs. Team Wigwam vs. Kylie Pierce & Lea Morrison

Jana vs. Brooke Carter w/Reyna Fire

Rain vs. Rachel Summerlyn

Melissa Coates vs. Reyna Fire w/Brooke Carter

Hyatt & Alicia return for commentary duties on this DVD too. I was lucky to see Mercedes Martinez work MsChif on a recent FIP event and she is as talented as anyone working on TV. This cage match showed her and Ms. Orsini are ready for the big time despite the controversial ending. The other WSU talent matches up well against rival women promotions out there and some of these matches equal or are better than what you see on the current Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night TV shows. For information on WSU’s next event on March 7th; according to Hyatt & Alicia is their 2nd anniversary event, log onto www.wsuwrestling.com and for more DVD titles log onto www.doivideo.com