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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ian Freeman And Wife Spared From Prison

-- Ric Gillespie

Earlier today, Ian and Angela Freeman were sentenced for their admitted roles in tax evasion and fraud charges, but neither will serve jail time.

While the former UFC competitor received the stiffer punishment, it was his witnesses, telling tales of (among other things) Ian's volunteer work, who were mostly responsible for the judge's leniency.

Ian (who, at points in the trail, openly wept) received a suspended sentence of nine-months, was ordered to do one-hundred-twenty-hours of community service, and will have to electronically maintain a six-week curfew (of 8:30 PM - 5 AM, on weekdays).

Angela, on the other hand, was only forced to abide by the same curfew, although both Freemans are also looking at eventually having to pay court charges and restitution.