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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


-- Vito Bookings

March 4, 2009

Tampa, FL – After a successful 7-round, 28 minute match in Hamburg, Germany, Big Vito has decided to extend his European Tour.

Fans stood on edge watching the old fashioned German Championship wrestling match with Vito in his Mafia style gimmick against Hamburg’s "Original Northcoast" Karsten Kretschmer. The crowd cheered and jeered – the house was completely sold out! The event was televised on three different stations along with having numerous other press sources present. “I felt like Rocky being up there hearing both national anthems played across the loud speakers,” said Vito. “What an event!”

European fans have insisted that he stay! “They just can’t get enough of his style here in Ireland – he wrestles and entertains all at the same time,” said Simon Rochford of Irish Whip Wrestling, “sometimes, they are laughing and then they are on feet yelling at the top of their voices. We are thrilled to have him here!”

Vito’s tour has been extended until mid April where he will be with All Star, Irish Whip and Nu-Wrestling Evolution as well as other promoters throughout Europe. He is accepting additional bookings both in Europe and in the US.

“The only down point on this tour is that people are out there trying to make money on promoters when times in the business have been hard for everyone!” said Vito. “There are no middle men involved in booking me that can get any promoter a better deal.”

Vito handles all his booking directly and can be contacted through vitobookings@yahoo.com. Fan information as well as his schedule can be found on his MySpace fan site, www.myspace.com/bigvitofansiteno1.

About Big Vito:

Vito LoGrasso (Big Vito) is a professional wrestler best known for his prior work as “The Toughest Man to Ever Wear a Dress” for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and as Big Vito for World Championship Wreslting (WCW). He has also wrestled under the persona of Skull Von Krush and for other companies including ECW and TNA. Vito currently wrestles with various Federations in Europe.