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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Knee Injury Puts UFC Lightweight Joe Lauzon Into Submission Until 2010

-- Full Court Press

E. BRIDGEWATER, Mass. (March 4, 2009) – UFC lightweight prospect Joe “J-Lau” Lauzon (18-4, 5 KOs, 13 submissions) will undergo knee surgery this Friday, sidelining the 24-year-old Brazilian Jui-Jitsu specialist until next year, at Sullivan Orthopedic Care.

Lauzon has had problems in the past including arthroscopic surgery on the meniscectomies of both knees. This time, however, Lauzon needs ACL surgery on his right knee, in addition to having his meniscus repaired.

The ACL caused Joe’s knee to slightly shift, effectively destroying his meniscus. “The doctor could stop operating after repairing the meniscus,” Lauzon explained, “but it would just happen again. ACL surgery should fix it, but I’m in for a very long rehab, and my knee may never be the same again.”

Lauzon, star of The Ultimate Fighter 5 television reality show, will be off of his feet for a month to a month-and-a-half. He will not be allowed to do even the simplest training for 4-5 months, more intense in nine months, and projected back fighting between 12-14 months.

“Every time you fight,” Joe added, “you are taking a gamble with your body. During my fight with Jeremy Stephens, I didn’t notice it so much during my fight, but afterwards I was limping pretty good. I chalked it up to normal soreness and took a week off training because of the stitches in my head. When I tried to go back to training, just warming-up, my knee locked-up and I couldn’t move it at all. An x-ray and MRI later revealed I had a badly torn meniscus and a likely torn ACL. I go this Friday for very serious surgery and then I face a long rehab. I am super confident, though, that I will return better than ever. I’m only 24 and have a lot more to accomplish in this sport. This is just a bump in the road.”

For more information about Joe “J-Lau” Lauzon, who has a Bachelor’s degree in computer networking from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, go online and visit www.joelauzon.com or myspace.com/lauzonrsd.

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