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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Basthardt Re-Branding Themselves As Born Stronger

-- Born Stronger

Basthardt, a maker of MMA sportswear and apparel, has formerly announced they will re-brand themselves as Born Stronger MMA Sportswear. The official announcement and brand unveiling will occur at UFC 100 in Las Vegas.

Irvine, CA, April 25, 2009 -- Basthardt, a Los Angeles-based MMA sportswear company has announced it will formally be re-branded under the name Born Stronger. The change will take place in July at UFC 100 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they will also unveil their new line of MMA sportswear and their new logo.

The Basthardt brand was launched earlier this year by C7-Brands of Irvine, CA. The brand promised to change the face of MMA sportswear as we know it by embracing the positive side of Mixed Martial Arts. Initially the brand limited itself to t-shirts. Under the new Born Stronger brand name, they will be the first brand to offer everything a fighter needs to train. From MMA sportswear like training shirts, pants and shorts to MMA Streetwear like hats, t-shirts, even belt buckles. The first line will have basic items that allow you to get in a good workout, fight in the octagon and look great on the street. All Born Stronger MMA sportswear is made from durable, organic materials.

"We are sick of the dark and negative side of the MMA apparel market," says Mr. Mikolasch. "Born Stronger MMA sportswear will help promote the positive aspect of Mixed Martial Arts. We realize that Mixed Martial Artists are intelligent athletes who train hard and should be recognized for being positive role models."

To help promote the Born Stronger re-branding efforts, there will be a newly redesigned Web site, a new advertising campaign, fighter sponsorships and a whole new line of MMA sportswear.

For more information, contact Christian Mikolasch at info (at) bornstronger (dot) com. Also follow Born Stronger on Twitter at http://twitter.com/bornstronger and add them on Facebook.

Born Stronger is a MMA sportswear company that provides everything MMA fighters and fans need to look great in the octagon, at the gym or on the street. The brand promotes the positive side of Mixed Martial Arts. The Born Stronger brand is owned by C7-Brands of Irvine, California.