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Saturday, April 25, 2009

SwaggMedia.com Makes History By Live Streaming TFA's MMA Fight Series

-- SwaggMedia.com

April 25th Hurricane at the Hangar, TFA MMA Fight Live on SwaggMedia.com

LOS ANGELES, April 25 -- SwaggMedia.com, the premier portal for entertainment, social networking and live streaming, will make history Saturday, April 25th by live streaming Hurricane at the Hangar presented by the Total Fighting Alliance hosted at the HAX (Hangar Athletic Xchange) in Hawthorne, CA. SwaggMedia will have multiple cameras around the arena to capture every movement and host one-on-one interviews with the fighters. The fighting begins at 5pm and the event will host meet and greets with the fighters and the fans.

Mixed martial arts is a full-contact combat sport that incorporates various fighting techniques which was legalized in California in 2006. Total Fighting Alliance, TFA, is produced and hosted by Todd Meacham Promotions. The sport of mixed martial arts has grown to unforeseen heights. TFA is keeping modern mixed martial arts thriving in a place of prominence in southern California. Total Fighting Alliance was formed under the direction of promoter Todd Meacham, who has been involved in the Southern California mixed martial arts scene since the 1980's and enjoys great admiration from fighters and fans.

President/CEO of SwaggMedia.com Craig Nobles discussed the upcoming event: "Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest growing sports and is extremely hot right now! We are excited to bring TFA's Hurricane at the Hangar to millions of viewers around the globe. SwaggMedia's goal is to keep our cameras on the pulse of what is new, hot and in demand for our 15 million subscribers, and this event is sure to be hot!"

HAX officially opened at 3203 Jack Northrop Ave. on Jan. 5 after about $10 million was spent transforming the old hangar into a professional sports training area. It has six basketball courts, a yoga studio and a weight room, among other amenities.

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