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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Former WWE Wrestler Records His Testimony For ImAWitness.com

-- ImAWitness.com

HOUSTON, TX, April 15, 2009 - Wrestling great Tully Blanchard of the famed Four Horsemen recorded his witness testimony for www.ImAWitness.com while in Houston promoting events surrounding Wrestlemania 25.

"Tully is one of those rare gems with an amazing story," says Phebe Montalto, Project Director of ImAWitness.com. "He didn't just struggle once. He struggled countless times until he turned to God. His story is truly moving."

Blanchard started in Wrestling in the 1970s after a car accident derailed his hopes for a pro football career. He won his first Championship Title in 1978, less than two years after his first match. His career is marked by 13 years of ups and downs including overcoming drug and alcohol addiction only to fall prey to it again and again. After a tumultuous career and life, in 1989 Tully turned to God.

"People think I've lived this charmed life all along," says the 55-year-old Blanchard. "I only hope that when people see my story they are inspired to do great things in the name of God, not for fame and fortune."

www.ImAWitness.com is a website hosted by Global IMB where Christians may share and watch the victories and life stories of people who have overcome struggles both large and small in their lives. Uploading stories can be easily accomplished from any computer with a webcam in approximately two minutes. The purpose of the website is to inspire those who are going through similar struggles to trust in their faith.

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