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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Results - Bellator Fighting Championships - Saturday, April 10, 2009

-- Joe Burns

Bellator Fighting Championships threw its second show in as many weeks in Uncasville, Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun Casino. The card featured former EliteXC feather weight champion, Wilson Reis, taking on Greg Jackson’s trained Henry Martinez in the opening round of Belator’s flyweight tournament. The card included four other tournament bouts and four non-tournament bouts.

EliteXC vet, Matt Makowski, took on Woodstock Ontario’s own Aaron Tregear in a non-tournament bout at 170 pounds. In the early moments of the fight, both men were looking to end the fight early by throwing heavy leather with Tregear landing a good shot. Makowski fires back with a hard liver kick to Tregear’s side. The round ends with both men standing throwing punches.

The second round begins with Tregear coming forward and getting caught with a right hand from Makowski. Tregear returns the favor to Makowski dropping him with a big right hand, but Makowski pops back up to his feet. With Makowski on wobbly legs, Treager smells blood, throwing huge punches and looking to end the fight. Makowski gets dropped again, but Tregear is unable to capitalize and Makowski stands back up. Treager is getting the better of the striking in the round, but Makowski is able to land a number of hard liver kicks leaving a huge bruise on his opponent’s side.

The third round was all Makowski, landing punches to the body of Treager. Makowski’s striking is making it hard for Treager to get in any kind of rhythm for the third round. Makowski ends the round with the hardest body kick of the fight, echoing throughout the arena. The fight goes to the Judges’ score card, and all three Judges see it 29-28 for Makowski.

In a bout that would determine who would fight Eddie Alvarez in the second round of the Bellator’s 155 pound tournament, Eric Reynolds faced off with Thomas Schulte of FIT NHB out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Reynolds comes out firing jabs, backing up Schulte until Schulte shoots in for a double leg and takes mount on Reynolds. From the mount Schulte falls back into an armbar that allows Reynolds to stand and slam out of it. Schulte immediately gets a takedown from a standing Reynolds, and lands in side control. Reynolds starts working a Kamura, but settles for yet another armbar with the same results, that results in Reynolds escaping. The standing Reynolds throws a right hand to the downed Schulte and ending up in the guard. For the third time in the round, Schulte gets another armbar attempt that looks tight. Reynolds slams out of the armbar and unleashes some vicious ground and pound, forcing Ref Kevin Mulhall to step in and stop the bout at 4:18 of the first round. Reynolds will be meeting Alvarez in the second round of the tournament of Bellator’s flyweight tournament

In the main event of the evening, hard hitting Wilson Reis took on Henry Martinez as part of Bellator’s fly weight tournament. In the opening moments of the first round, Martinez shoots in with a lightning fast double leg takedown slamming Reis down. Reis’ Brazilian Jiu Jistu background allows him to quickly sweep Martinez and scramble back to their feet. Both men clinch up and throw knees until the clinch is broken. From there, both men circle and Reis lands a right hand followed up by Martinez shooting in for a double leg takedown. From there, Martinez is quickly swept again from Reis with Reis taking Martinez’s back for close to reminder of the first round. In the final seconds, Martinez is able to escape and lands punches on the downed Reis.

The next two rounds look the same as the first, with takedowns coming from both fighters. Much of the second and third round sees Reis using sweeps to take the back of Martinez, but never being able to sink in the rear naked choke to end the fight. The Judges score’ cards see it as 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 all for Reis earning him the unanimous decision.

Other action from the night includes Jimmie Rivera getting a triangle submission victory over Willie Gates 3:17 into the third round. Mikey Gomez gets the first round T.K.O. victory over Jesse Juarez due to strikes. Omar De La Cruz takes a unanimous decision over Victor Meza. In back and forth action, Aaron Romero gets a unanimous decision over Juarez, Mexico’s product Jorge Ortiz. New England fighter Josh LeBerge takes a unanimous decision victory over Chris Simmons. Finally the crowed favorite Lyman Good overpowers Hector Urbina sinking in the rear naked choke 3:22 into the second round.