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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

United States Fight League "Springfield Massacre" Results

-- Joe Burns

Chris Ramos vs. Aniss Alhajaji

Ramos comes out firing leg kicks for the opening seconds. Alhajaji shoots in with a takedown and ends up in side control. Ramos is able to scramble back to his feet, but again is taken down by Alhajaji. Alhajaji is able to establish side control and starts to strike Ramos. The Ref calls time out and warns Alhajaji for strikes to the back of Ramos’ head. The fight restarts on the feet after and Alhajaji throws a head and misses but is able to get the takedown once again. Alhajaji transitions from takedown to armbar nicely stopping the fight in the first.

Winner Aniss Alhajaji 1st Round Armbar

Kym Sturdivant vs. Adam Sawyer

Both Kym and Adam come out swinging, landing low kicks and punches. After a few moments of striking, both men end up on the ground with Adam in Kym’s half guard. Both men are able to get back to their feet with Kym landing a clean right hand to Adam’s face. Adam drops his hands and gives that “you can’t hurt me” look. Kym then unleashes a hail of punches that forces Adam to tap, due to strikes.

Winner Kym Sturdivant 1st Round Tap due to strikes

Billy Garrett vs. Jose Sanchez

Sanchez comes out throwing punches but Garrett gets the quick takedown with a big slam. Garrett ends up in side control. Sanchez is able to sweep, but Garrett is able to transition from the sweep to Sanchez’s back. Garrett eventually takes the mount of Sanchez. Sanchez goes for a sweep and Garrett sinks in an armbar.

Winner Billy Garrett 1st Round Armbar

Jose Santiago vs. Chris Beaulieu

After the opening moments of both men throwing leather, Beaulieu is able to get a takedown that takes both men out of the ring. The fight is restarted with both men standing with Beaulieu landing a hard leg kick, making Santiago wanting to clinch. From the clinch, Beaulieu gets the takedown and takes the back of Santiago choking him out in the first round.

Winner Chris Beaulieu 1st Round Rear Naked Choke

Barrington Douse vs. Josh Spearman

This is was a back and forth three round battle between two excited fighters. It was a show case for Douse’s striking and Spearman’s takedowns. Douse landed some hard knees, kicks and punches but it never slowed down Spearman one bit. Spearman absorbed all the punishment Douse could dish out and just kept on getting takedowns over the course of three rounds. The ring announcer announces a split decision for Spearman, but after a closer look at the score cards, the split decision goes in favor of Douse. This was the fight of the night, in my opinion.

Winner Barrington Douse Split Decision

Jose Valentin vs. Antwan Penn

Penn and Valentin come out circling, throwing punches and low kicks. Both men clinch and Penn gets a huge throw on Valentin. From his back, Valentin tries a triangle and then transitions into an armbar. Penn throws an invariant low blow and the match is stopped for Valentin to get his breath. When the fight is restarted, Penn lands a huge head kick knock out.

Winner Antwan Penn 1st Round K.O.

Josh LaBerge vs. Frank Latina

This fight was a back and forth fight, seeing both fighters landing punches, kicks and takedowns throughout the three rounds of this fight. It saw both fighters working in each others’ guards and sweeping out of them. The judges gave the decision to Josh LaBerge over Latina bringing his record to four and four.

Amateur Results

Darren Oliver over Anthony Florio 1st Round T.K.O.

Jessy Costley over Brian Snook 1st Round T.K.O.

David Speekman over Adam Harsip 3rd Round T.K.O.

Jimmy Davidson over Nate Hicks Unanimous Decision