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Monday, July 6, 2009

Funk's Corner - Funking Conservatory Tribute To Michael Jackson

Even though I wasn't much of a Michael Jackson fan, and these words somehow sound strange coming from Dory Funk Jr., I can definitely appreciate the sentiment:

Michael Jackson loved to entertain. There is nothing like watching his concerts. It is obvious he was happy to be where he was.

It is the same in professional wrestling. Watch the wrestlers. It is obvious the great ones are happy to be where they are and it shows.

In the early 80's Marti and I were in Charlotte, North Carolina. Michael Jackson's Thriller, a 14 minute mini movie was hot and we loved to watch it on MTV, over and over. Thriller was the inspiration for the Funking Conservatory Webbies (Mini Movies) we produce for !BANG! TV.

Yesterday, I watched the original production of Thriller. Even now goose pimples jumped out all over me as Michael Jackson transformed into the werewolf.

Michael Jackson was a genius in the world of entertainment. He will be missed by the whole world.

Our heartfelt condolences to his family.

Now on !BANG! TV, at http://www.dory-funk.com, the athletes of the Funking Conservatory give tribute to Michael Jackson.

Dory Funk Jr., Coach of the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School