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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update On Kimo Leopoldo ... HE'S ALIVE! (But The Sentencing Part Was True)

Looks like I was Gorilla Monsoon, to Kimo Leopoldo's "Superstar" Billy Graham. (How many of you are old enough to get that reference?)

Despite numerous sources, including myself and even Leopoldo's local newspaper running with the story of his death, it was, in fact, just that, according to Full Court Press' Bob Trieger (the source I cited as having confirmed the last-known contact with the mixed-martial-artist).

First, I'd like to apologize, to any and everyone, for whatever inconvenience my actions may have caused.

I've removed my original report and subsequent update (which also contained my belief that Leopoldo wasn't likely to have committed suicide, but that it could've been possible; God, how lame!), which contained factual information on yesterday's sentencing for February's arrest.

For the record, I've edited out the inconsequential stuff and reinserted the pertinent info, which follows below:

Yesterday, Kimo Leopoldo was back in court, where he entered a no-contest plea to petty-theft-of-lost-property charges (a misdemeanor, which stems from his being spotted, back in February, wearing official LAPD gear), and was sentenced to serve ten-days of community service.

Drug charges (also misdemeanors, which stem from the police finding what turned out to be marijuana, not meth, as mistakenly reported, and a pipe in Leopoldo's possession) were dropped, provided Leopoldo attended rehab and completed a three-year probation (which Leopoldo agreed to).

There's no excuse for my actions, and no apology (no matter how heartfelt) can be truly acceptable, but I really, really am sorry.