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Friday, October 30, 2009

"What Do I Get From Pro-Wrestling Training At The Funking Conservatory?"

-- By: Marti Funk, Producer of !BANG! TV --

Personal Training from Dory Funk Jr., who is the record holder of “the Longest Reigning World Heavyweight Champion of the Modern Era.” 4 and ½ years from 1969 to 1973.

Dory Funk is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame and is currently training WWE Developmental talent and Coaching at the Funking Conservatory. http://www.dory-funk.com Dory knows what it takes to “Make it” in the professional wrestling industry.

During the most active years of Dory Funk Jr.'s career, as World’s Champion, he worked the Main Event night after night, all over North America, Australia, Japan, Puerto Rico, South America, Africa and Kuwait, to sell out houses and gates in the multi-millions, much to every promoters delight.

Dory Funk has personally worked with over 6000 young men and women who have personally enjoyed a lucrative career in pro wrestling as in Ring Talent, Promoters, Managers, Announcers, TV Producers, Writers, and Bookers, who have been personally supported into the industry. From 1963 to present Dory has personally introduced a who’s who in the history of the sport.

When you train with Coach Funk, you will have someone who knows you personally and your ability to achieve is Coach Funk’s Number One priority.

Classes are limited for personal training and personalized video filming daily. You will work matches from your first day of training.

You will have a guaranteed spot on !BANG! TV throughout your training program.

As a full time talent at the Funking Conservatory you will learn how to "Go Over" and "How to Put Someone Over."

You will learn how to work Face and how to work heel to Excite the fans and TV audience.

At the Funking Conservatory we understand achievement can come at different times for different talent, you will be able to accelerate at your own rate of training. Every talent accepted into Coach Funk’s training program will the find the opportunity to reach their personal goals in the “Fraternity of Professional Wrestling”

Who Can Train at the Funking Conservatory?

We offer the serious athlete and student of pro wrestling personalize training designed to get you up and going in the Pro Wrestling Industry and you could be ready in as little time as 3 months for a try out with a major company in the US or Japan.

The Funking Conservatory will not be the finale journey for you in Pro Wrestling just the Finest Skill Level in Training and achievement with Hard Work and the Most Fun Way to start accomplishing your Goals in Pro Wrestling.

At the Funking Conservatory we are coed in addition to pro-wrestling training, we offer courses for Writers, Announcers, referees, managers and promoters.

Call now - 352-895-4658 - Professionalism and Achievement with Respect and Pride for you, the Talent of the Funking Conservatory will be yours.

Funking Conservatory Wrestling School - http://www.dory-funk.com.


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