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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mixed Martial Arts Comic Book Series Launches In April

Heavy Knucklez Sportswear is Proud to Announce a Partnership with former Marvel Comics writer, Peter Quinones; to Release Four-Issue Comic Book Series, "IDUMA - PANKRATION 3042."

Stockton, CA, March 19, 2011 -- Heavy Knucklez Sportswear owner, Will Trawick has teamed up with writer, Peter Quinones (GI Joe, Phantom 2040, Dragon Lines, Terraformers) and Robekka Art Studio artists; Matrix (Lillim 1-5) and P.X. (Lillim, Unforgiving) to introduce readers to a New Generation of Warrior. "PANKRATION 3042" will explore a world where Mixed Martial Arts and Mythology merge.

It's the 31st Century; Zeus the god of gods has grown bored. He has brought back hand to hand combat in the form of Pankration to the Arena's of the new world; Zeus has instructed the gods to select warriors, past or present to represent them in the games. Most of the fighters have been resurrected; they are human, part human or mythological beings.

This four part journey will follow Iduma Visilios, a great Pankration warrior of the past; chosen, against his will, by Ares, the God of War. Ares has changed the very make-up of Iduma's genetics and evolved him into a more advanced human being, Homosuperios. The human race is facing extinction; Ares holds the key to their survival. Confused, angry and not knowing who to trust, our courageous and battle tested hero will try to find his way in this new world, win his freedom from Ares and save mankind in the process.

"We were fortunate to work with Peter, he brought so much experience and creativity to the project that it just wouldn't be the same without him," says Will Trawick. "He took a vision that I had in my mind and put it to words with such clarity and focus, I really enjoyed working with him."

Peter Quinones adds, "Will Trawick has created a fascinating world, filled with scheming gods, mixed martial arts, and true warriors. I've been having a blast stepping into the arena of Heavy Knucklez!"

The artwork comes courtesy of Matrix and up and coming artist P.X. "The amount of detail that these two artists put into this book is amazing!" says Will Trawick. "We are very pleased with their work."

Robekka Art Studio's P.X. adds "We appreciate the creative freedom Will gave us."

In its earliest form, Pankration was a martial arts sport introduced during the Greek Olympic games of 648 BC. It was founded as a blend of boxing and wrestling. The matches were won by submission or death. Pankration competitions were the closest an athletic event has come to unarmed, no-rules, hand-to-hand combat; similar to modern day MMA fighting styles.

IDUMA - PANKRATION 3042 #1, a 24-page full-color, Indie comic book that will appeal to fans of MMA/UFC; films like 300, Gladiator, Clash of the Titans; and TV series like Spartacus, will be available online at http://www.heavyknucklez.com/hk%20web_030.htm, April 20, 2011 for $2.99.


Heavy Knucklez is an independently owned and operated MMA Apparel company, based in Stockton California, geared towards Mixed Martial Arts fans and Comic Book enthusiasts. Will Trawick, the owner and founder is a fan of Mixed Martial Arts and an avid reader and collector of Comic books. He came up with the concept for Heavy Knucklez in 2008 when he set out to create original comic characters to display on products to be sold online and at MMA sporting events. However, at its conception, he envisioned something more for Heavy Knucklez than just images on products; he created a fictional world for the characters, complete with individual biographies and storylines for fans to follow on the website. In 2011 his vision will be taken to the next level with the launch of an MMA Comic Book series, IDUMA - PANKRATION 3042. Currently there are five main characters; Iduma Visilios, Basilios Maximus, Damianos, Diomedes, and Atreus. For more information, visit http://www.heavyknucklez.com.


Peter Quinones has written for Marvel and various independent publishers. He has worked on titles such as G.I. Joe, Phantom 2040 (with Steve Ditko) and Quantum Leap. He has also co-created titles with Ron Lim (Dragon Lines) and Kelley Jones (Terraformers). He has also written articles and conducted interviews for Starlog, Comics Scene, Comics Journal and other genre publications. His current project deals with mythology and MMA.


Matrix did all the art for "Lillim" 1-5; pencils, inks, and colors. "Lillim" was published by Image Comics in 2009. He has worked for Image, Marvel, DC and DDP. He's a comic artist with more than 10 years experience. P.X. has worked as assistant for Matrix and they worked together on an Image published comic "Lillim"; he has also worked with Robekka artist Ada Zhu on a comic titled "Unforgiving" for the band "Within Temptation"; with Steven O'Connell (BloodRayne & Dark 48) and Romano Molenaar (Witchblade, Darkness and X-men).

Source: Heavy Knucklez Sportswear