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Friday, June 6, 2008

Showtime Allstar Wrestling – Episode 46

Courtesy of Larry Goodman:

Airing May 24, 2008 on ION Network affiliate WNPX 28 in Nashville

Showtime Allstar Wrestling TV is available at www.sawonline.tv along with other exclusive video content.

Michael St. John opened the show at ringside with Reno Riggins from the “Showtime Wrestling Palace(?)” This week: the return of the notorious loose cannon, Kid Kash, Damian Adams vs. Sean Casey in a SAW Television Championship match, direct from Scotland, a message from Rob Roy McCoy and Tennessee Violence Authority vs. Dream Team in a tag team title grudge match. It’s Showtime, and SAW starts NOW!

(1) Kid Kash beat Jeff Jamison in 6:23. Jamison held his own with Kash in the opening minutes of fast-paced back and forth action. Then Kash really put a beating on him. He worked over the same physically disadvantaged hand that McCoy had ravaged several weeks back. MSJ said Jamison had suffered a hairline fracture as a result. MSJ brought up Kash’s reputation as a loose cannon. Riggins said Kash had been with all the major fed and was returning from a stint in Europe, where he did MMA matches.

Jamison got his comeback with a basement dropkick for a near fall, a huracanrana and a botched standing moonsault, sold for a near fall. Kash rolled out from under Jamison’s top rope moonsault and put him away with the brainbuster.

Kash said he was a pit stop at SAW on his road to eternal greatness. Kash said all he had heard since he got back in the states was SAW, so he was came to see what all the buzz was about. Kash said he was going to stay awhile. Kash said he was going to take the company over single-handedly starting with Damian Adams. That brought Damian out. Damian said he had ducked no one since winning the SAW Championship and he welcomed Kash’s challenge. Kash said he took the World TV Title in ECW, and Damian had something that belonged to him. “I’m about to head to Germany next week, but when I get back, I’m going to put you over my knee, son, and when I’m done, I’m carrying that home.” Kash shoved Damian in the chest and walked away. Damian said they could do it right now, because he was all about taking on all comers. They did a brief cut to a shot of Kash on the ramp, but he was paying no attention to Damian.

The audio of a phone conversation between McCoy and MSJ aired with a graphic of the full text shown on screen. St. John said McCoy was completing a long and tedious tour of Europe and planning to return to the US with a vengeance. McCoy said the thing that was long and tedious, was the legal ramifications and red tape imposed on him by the SAW Board of Directors and their ban. McCoy implied that the US was about lawyers and bureaucracy rather than competition. MSJ said McCoy had brought the suspension upon himself. MSJ asked about a silver lining to McCoy’s misery.

I’m cutting through all the competition in Europe…so all you’re little champs, they’re the ones that are going to be tremblin’ with fear when Rob Rob McCoy comes back and inflicts pain and suffering on their sorry carcasses.

MSJ reminded McCoy that he was still subject to the BOD’s luck of the draw method of determining title challengers. McCoy said that with the talent he had, the cream was bound to rise to the top, and Damian Adams was the champion only because that’s the way the SAW BOD wanted it.

Damian Adams beat Sean Casey (with Tiana & ?) to retain the SAW TV Title in 5:05. Reno said polygamy was a hot topic in the news, and noted that Casey had added to his harem. Casey attacked Damian before the bell. Casey used a slingshot suplex for a near fall. Casey hit a swinging neckbreaker and made a one knee pin attempt. Casey dropkicked Damian but failed to hook the leg. Riggins said he preferred not to speculate on the identity of Casey’s hot brunette until he could confirm his suspicions. Casey hit a spinebuster. He hooked the leg but Damian kicked out again. Damian fought out of Casey’s rear chinlock. But Damian ate an elbow charging in, and Casey hit a middle rope diamond cutter. Damian kicked out again. Reno said if Casey had hooked the leg, we would be looking at a new champion. Damian mounted the big comeback. Backdrop and a cover. No pin there. Damian blocked Casey’s superkick and got nothing but air with his bicycle kick. Damian tried for backslide. Casey blocked that. But Damian then connected with the bicycle kick and it was lights out for Casey.

In the interview area, Damian accepted congratulations from MSJ. Damian said McCoy had no clue what he was talking about. Damian said he just beat a great wrestler and was taking on all comers.

MSJ was ringside with Paul Adams and Rick Santel. Paul called out Commissioner Freddie Morton and lectured him about the unfairness of the lottery system for determining title challengers.

I know that lotteries are the way you people around here like to do things. You like to sit back on your rented couches with cigarette burns and mystery stains waiting around for something to happen for you.

Paul said the title shot should be awarded to the wrestler with the best record in the ring and pointed at Santel. Santel said he wasn’t going to get in Morton’s face like some of the other yahoos because he respected his authority, but the system was flawed. Morton blew Santel up huge. Said he was the hottest thing in SAW “since cayenne pepper.” However, the thing that impressed Morton the most was the win Drew Haskins scored over Santel last week. Haskins was out next to Morton in a suit. “You’re going to go there?” said Santel. Santel got in Haskins’ face and said his win was a fluke. Santel said Haskins couldn’t last five minutes with him and wanted to a match on the spot. Haskins took his coat off and loosened his tie. Morton said they had too many matches booked for the show. Instead, Morton made a “distance match” for next week. All Haskins had to do to win was last five minutes. Santel advised Haskins to get as ready as he could get because he was in for the most brutal beating of his life.

NWA Top Rope Third Anniversary Show, June 14 in Lebanon Tn, at the Wilson County Fairgrounds: Five title matches including an NWA World Heavyweight Title match: Adam Pearce (c) vs. NWA Tennessee Champion, “Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant.

The SAW Summary was clips of recent events in the war between A Team and Dream Team, including footage of the mysterious lights out episode that put Dream Team out of action.

Tennessee Violence Authority (Hammerjack & Matt Dillinger with Paul Adams) beat Dream Team (“Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant & Arrick Andrews) via DQ in 12:15. Dream Team hit the ring with a furious assault on TVA. A meeting of the minds ensued and TVA bailed out to regroup. Dillinger reluctantly entered to square off with Boogie. It was a babyface route for the first 6 minutes, as Dream Team applied the full court press. Boogie split the uprights with a kick to Dillenger’s nether region, but when he continued the attack outside the ring, Hammerjack clubbed him from behind. Paul did a number on Boogie with his towel. Riggins said Boogie was feeding off the support from the capacity crowd for an extra burst of energy. Dillinger pulled Boogie down by his dorag to cut him off, and then held him for Hammerjack’s Hogan style boot. TVA made a tool of ref Ricky Bell to set up some double teaming chicanery. Boogie went down face first at the end of big exchange with Dillinger. Reno said it looked like Boogie was out of steam. Boogie made the last gasp hot tag. Andrews decked Hammerjack with the Dragon’s Curse. Dillinger broke up the pin, and laid Andrews out with hangman’s neckbreaker. Boogie Blaster on Dillinger! But Boogie went flying over the top on a phantom hiptoss from Hammerjack. TVA had Andrews set up for a spike piledriver when the lights went out. The light came on to find Boogie and Andrews standing over the fallen TVA. Andrews had Hammerjack’s sledge, and Boogie had Dillinger’s pool cue. Bell called for the bell. Boogie and Andrews crossed swords and gave TVA a taste of their own medicine.

Closing Thoughts: SAW rebounded from a weak show last week with one of their best episodes ever. No filler this week. The wrestling was better and storyline advancement was superb. MSJ was in rare form during the opening, calling the SAW Arena a “wrestling palace” and referring to Hammerjack as “Bucksnort.” Kash’s match was fine for what it was. He adds some much needed starpower. Kash came across like a real jerk picking on Jamison’s disability. The confrontation in the interview area went a long way to elevating the TV title, because you had this world renowned name guy, Kash, coveting the SAW belt. Kash blew Damian away on the mic. I didn’t see that as problem except when Damian issued the on-the-spot challenge, it badly called for Kash to back down rather than leaving Damian high and dry. The McCoy phone call was a tremendous segment. St. John was at his best, and McCoy was awesome as usual. His distaste for America was so clear, and yet he was making valid points. The new girl with Casey is Lexi Pillman, the legit daughter of Brian Pillman. Casey was trained by Pillman. Good win for Damian overcoming Casey’s Pearl Harbor job. I liked the portrayal of Damian as a marked man with challengers coming at him from all sides. I thought the “luck of the draw” was already dropped with the Hayme match, but here was Paul complaining about it in his interview. Santel’s mic work was very strong in this segment. The rematch with Haskins was a no brainer. Yeah, Haskins already beat him in less than five minutes, but it was crystal clear during the match that at no point was Santel taking it seriously. Never heard it called a distance match before, though. TVA/Dream Team had a very long main event by SAW standards. There was one obvious glitch with MSJ referencing a biker bar interview with TVA that never happened. Match was fine, largely because the crowd was so into Dream Team here. The lights out turnabout on TVA was pretty cool. It left the viewer with the mystery of who monkeyed with the lights on behalf of Dream Team. I’m guessing Indian Outlaw.